• Claro Cabins (Shared Occupancy) – $2,890.00
  • Claro Camping – $2,390.00

Dates NOV 4 - 10

Deposit: $US750

Who should go?: Advanced and wannabe expert kayakers with river running experience seeking world's best waterfalls.

Arrival City NOV 4: Santiago (SCL) Airport prior to 10 AM; OR Pucon Creek Week Kayakers will ride with retreat crew to Claro.

Departure City NOV 10: Santiago (SCL) Airport after 7 PM; OR Pucon Creek Week Kayakers will ride with retreat crew to Pucon.

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Claro PLUS Rio Nuble-Expert Chile Kayak 2022 copy

November 4 - 10, 2023

Chile’s Best Waterfall Canyon for Kayakers!

About Rio Claro PLUS Rio Nuble

Claro PLUS is the waterfall lover’s road trip of a lifetime. This basalt canyon anomaly erupted 66 million years ago as a volcanic lava flow compacted by glacial compression and runoff. Those geologic compressions resulted in a polished, milled and carved basalt chasm playground perfectly banking and dropping kayaks off clear blue water. Kayakers have options to explore five canyons ranging in skills: Seven Teacups (III+), Entres Saltos (Between Falls, III to V)), Cinco Tazas (Five Teacups, III), Viente y Dos Saltos (22 Falls, III to IV+), and the iconic Garganta del Diablo (Throat of the Devil, III to V) canyon.

CLARO VIDEO – Check out an edit from one of our custom Claro trips. Got a group trip?

Two Lodging Options – Choose Your Comfort & Budget

Kayakers will be lodged riverside exclusively at the 22 Saltos section with private access. Exploring the waterfalls and national park from your base is a must. Even better is the ability to hike down to the river canyon and put in or cool off. Whether you select a comfy cabin bed or camping under the stars your meals will be at the same table.

Camping. Many kayakers prefer to save their budgets and sleep under the stars. After all, this is Chile’s arid Central Valley vineyard district. Campers need to bring their own camping supplies.

Cabins. Do you prefer the comforts of a bed, bathroom, and charging devices? We’ve got you covered. You’ll stay in private cabin’s at both the Claro and Nuble Valleys.   While, there is no electricity in the Claro area we’ll fire up the generator nightly to charge cameras and electric devices.

South of Santiago – Chile’s Arid Central Vineyard Valley

Three hours south of Chile’s capital hides a national treasure, the Seven Teacups National Park is near the headwaters section of the Rio Claro. Tourists, like kayakers, are attracted to the photogenic clear blue canyon and an incredible series of clean waterfalls that seems to stretch for miles. Most “saltos” are near perfection formed with a round pool or “taza – teacup.” The canyon is a desert crack in the earth, a basalt core strata wall that the nearby snowy peaks of the Andes Mountains have melted, drained, cut, milled, carved, and polished for eons. Some falls flow straight, some drops are easy to learn, some have corner boofs, some have ramps, some ride along walls, and some even flow through cracks for 50 to 70 feet slot only slightly larger than the width of your kayak. All are epic.

PLUS Rio Nuble
We'll get you to the good boofs. Upper Upper Nuble in Chile's high Andes.

Photo Right. We’ll get you to the granite boofs. Crossing a tributary en route to the Upper Upper Nuble.

Circa 2001 PKRAMA owner David Hughes sat down with NOC’s Jon Clarke. Jon had began teaching the San Fabian / Nuble Valley community about the treasures of the Rio Nuble. Jon along with the mayor and a group he was teaching to raft guide and kayak began the Nuble Festival. Nuble Fest was an effort to protect the slated to be dammed over 50 miles of free flowing whitewater Nuble. Today, families have already been displaced. While, the Nuble Festival continues to fight against giant hydro projects the dams are under construction. PKRAMA has taken a stance to goto the Nuble annually while it continues to flow freely.

It’s like Big Sky Montana with giant open skies, snow covered peaks, and turquoise water. It’s a granite bedrock playful in nature with excellent triangular rocks for boofing. The upper valley gets more and more remote and a bit steeper. The Nuble is a true Chilean rustic experience we cherish annually.

Nuble Bonus. Jon Clarke’s Spirit.  Those youth Jon taught to kayak we now continue to coach and some day hire. Their families are contracted to host us, prepare a true Chilean asado, and Javier and Juan Pablo paddle show us the latest and greatest boofs and trout holes.

What’s Included.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Choice of Kayak
  • Airport transfers on scheduled dates/times
  • Lodging – camping or cabin
  • Professional kayak coaching, safety, guiding
  • World’s best whitewater experiences
  • PCR Scheduling (Cost not included)

Not Included.

  • Alcohol
  • Airfare

Trip Itinerary.

Day 1 (OCT 29). Groups will arrive from Pucon or to the Santiago Airport (SCL).
Pucon Creek Week Group. Will drive from Pucon six hours north to the Rio Nuble Valley. 
Santiago Airport Arrivals. Arrive prior to 10 AM.
A driver will pick you up and drive you to the Rio Nuble Valley.

Day 2, 3, 4 (NOV 14, 15, 16). Explore the various basalt canyons beginning with easier and progresses daily to more challenging canyons. It is a natural progression. Days consist of a minimum of two sections morning and afternoon. Some enthusiast kayakers may opt for an additional dawn or sunset patrol laps. We often combine a more challenging morning lap with a lighter afternoon lap. Things we consider are afternoon heat combined with intensity of hike; skill of group / skill of section; proper progression and confidence building; energy / body recovery levels… Natural section progressions may be: Seven Teacups (III+ to IV); 22 Saltos (III+ to IV+); Entres Saltos (Between Falls (III+ to IV+ portagables); Cinco Tazas (Five Teacups II+ to III); Garganta del Diablo (III+ to IV+). <strong>
Mornings. Kayak Theory, Safety Protocol, Waterfall 101, Art of Flight. Morning lap.
Afternoons. Recovery Ciestas and afternoon laps. Keep in mind the days are 13 hours so we have more time than energy.

Day 5 (NOV 17) – *PCR Test and Drive to Nuble Valley.

*Due to COVID uncertainties we’re adding a PCR test morning to secure guests can meet their national requirements to enter homelands. Chile PCR testing and results are reliable and proven during the 2020-2021 Covid year.

AM – Pack camp and drive to the Nuble Valley. PCR test for those that need.
Guests not requiring PCR test may have option for last Claro laps.
PM – Check-in. Set camp. High FIVE… Can you believe this place?

Day 6 (NOV 18) Nuble Laps.
AM – Rio Nuble All Day.
PM – Farewell Asado Feast and Celebration… Chilean style!

Day 7 (NOV 19) Drive to Concepción Airport or Continue south to Pucon Creek Week.
AM – Wake. Pack. Drive to Concepción airport (CCP) or kayakers going to Pucon Creek Week ride to Pucon with staff.

LOGISTICS NOTES. Pucon Creek Week or Santiago Flights
Pucon Creek Week, NOV 20 – 27
Want to optimize your Chile flight and time. Travel south with the crew for Pucón’s best creeking season: more waterfalls, canyons, rivers, and boofing to charge. We hope you’ll ride south with us to see our proud riverside base at optimal flows.

Are You Ready For the Claro Hikes?

The Claro Canyon is an intense place. Access requires arid hiking typically about an hour before or after your section. It’s a good idea to come to Chile in shape with your hiking legs ready. Passing and lifting kayaks, hiking into and out of canyons, and water dehydrating hikes are a mandatory part of the trip. On the water is both the fun and easy part. We recommend before your trip that you kayak often, are part of a normal hiking or workout routine. Workouts like Crossfit… we love them. Yes, get in shape it will help your confidence as you paddle too.