Chile Kayak & Equipment Rentals

Is a kayak included with my trip cost? 

Yes. Guests participating in our regular trips have a kayak and other benefits included such as meals, lodging, airport transfers, shuttles and daily transportation, river access…

Should I rent, buy or fly with a kayak?

Read helpful blog, “What is your opinion on flying a kayak to Chile? 

Pucon Kayak Retreat offers non-trip kayakers the option to rent kayaks. Much of the answer is dependent upon your length of Chile kayaking. Kayakers staying longer than 3 weeks may want to buy new, buy used, or attempt to fly with their kayak. Flying with a kayak can cost between $US150 to $US400 or not be permitted on the plane. The airlines are random with kayak excess baggage fees. 90% of our kayaker guests opt for the security of having their choice kayak available upon arrival.  

Want an extended kayak rental?

Ask about an extended rental discount or if we have used demo kayaks for sale.

What will be the condition of the kayak? 

PKR checks kayaks at checkout and return for damages, and removes broken or damaged kayaks from the fleet. Repair, sell, and replace is our standard. Upon arrival the rental kayak is treated like a rental car – together we inspect every screw, strap, handle, hull, cockpit… for dinks and damages to be recorded.

What if I break a kayak – Is it a break it buy it policy?

No. With renting guests we developed a kayak value depreciation assessment plan. Upon checkout the renter and PKR will assess the current fair market value of your kayak in the case the renter loses or damages the kayak. For example, a kayaker rents a one year used Jackson Kayak Nirvanha and we assess that we could sell that kayak at $950 at that moment. The renter ends up swimming and the Nirvanha incurs a 3″ crack in its sidewall. Together we assess that with plastic welding and repair we could now fair market sell cracked Nirvanha for $500. The renter would owe the depreciation value of $450. Additionally, to help the renter we offer future trip vouchers when they experience such bad luck. 

Investing a few more dollars for quality equipment. 



# Kayak Rental Days                                             Discount 

10 – 15 Days                                                            5% Off 

16 – 20 Days                                                            10% Off 

21 – 25 Days                                                            15% Off 

26 – 30 Days                                                            20% Off 

31+ Days                                                                  25% Off 

Multi-month                                      Email for discount offers. 


Choose your flavor:

Rentals are $25/per day

Dagger Phantom

Dagger Mamba 7.6

Dagger Mamba 8.1

Dagger Mamba 8.6

Dagger Nomad S

Dagger Nomad M

Dagger Nomad L

Jackson Zen S

Jackson Zen M

Jackson Zen L

Jackson Karma L

Jackson Nirvana M

Jackson Nirvana L

Jackson Little Hero

Jackson Rock Star

Pyranha 9R Medium

Pyranha 9R Large

Pyranha Burn S

Pyranha Burn Medium

Pyranha Machno S

Pyranha Machno M

Zet Veloc S

Zet Toro M

Zet Director L

OTHER KAYAKS: Ask us if we have your kayak. We often can purchase requested kayaks.

USED KAYAKS FOR SALE: Yes. We always have used kayaks for sale per our policy to sell broken or older designs. Often the best deal is to buy a welded kayak that still has hundreds of boofs available.

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