Want to crowd source fund your Chile kayak trip?

This article gives tips to help raise funds for your dream Chile kayak trip. Check out the helpful crowd source links, ideas, concepts, and other tips to help you creatively find ways to fund your dream Chile kayak adventure. And feel free to email us… we’re here to help.

Step 1 – Select a Crowd Source Funding Platform


Got a purpose or great story for your trip? FundMyTravel.com provides a platform with a 5 percent commission fee. Sample success stories include Brooke’s Birthday Travel, Send Anna Home for Christmas, and Teaching English in Shanghai  (FundMyTravel.com, 2016).


The world’s largest site for crowd funded travel offering the “GoFundMe guarantee” ensuring refund if something goes wrong with donation (TravelandLeisure.com, 2020). GoFundMe has a 0% platform usage fee with funding provided by donor tips (GoFundMe.com, 2020).


CrowdRise is a charitable subset of Go Fund Me listed as charity.gofundme.com. This source is idea for organizing groups with a specific mission such as raising funds for river protection and sustainability. According to their site pricing page the service has no subscription fees or paywalls (Charity.GoFundMe.com, 2020).

Step 2 – Identify Why People Would Support Your Trip

To get friends, family, and the social media world to pull out a credit card to fund your vacation will require some creative effort on your part, possibly something in return as well. Below is a sample list of proven reasons folks will donate to an adventure vacation.

Your Special Occasion AKA Gift Campaigns

Link to more Gift-A-Trip ideas. 

Birthday, graduation, anniversary, accomplishment, rite of passage, and such events are good cause for friends and family to gift you. Sample title, Alex’s Best Birthday Gift Ever – Chile Kayak Trip. Gift campaigns are by far the easiest as often friends and family have little idea of what to get for your special occasion. In a sense you are doing them a favor by organizing and creating a space where they can donate to what you really want – to kayak rivers in Chile.

Kayak to Save Chile Rivers Sustainability

Video. Patagonia Study Abroad students on Chile Rivers sustainability. 

Pucon Kayak Retreat will donate 20% of your Chile kayak trip to Chile local river sustainability causes. Examples include takes special interest in bringing attention to and protecting rivers in jeopardy of being dammed. The retreat has a national resource of river friends proactively leading the movement to protect Chile rivers. Any guest completing a regular trip with the goal of fundraising Chile rivers protection and awareness Pucon Kayak Retreat will provide resources to local interviews, and a post-trip free week of camping or discounted lodging. Food and trip costs not included.

Idea locations to donate. Local Mapuche river sustainability activists, national river sustainability legislative activists (recommended), Chile River Keepers (NPO).

Requirements. Participant must complete a story report (media or blog) on Chile Rivers sustainability to be published via PKR social media channels. PKR reserves the right to promote with international river sustainability publications. Any funds raised exceeding trip costs is will be appropriated to participant choice Chile river sustainability causes.

Get Creative

Got another creative reason for family, friends, and social media world to donate to your Chile trip? Write it up and make it happen.

Creative Ideas. Donate kayak equipment to local Chile youth kayakers in need, media package of your Chile kayak trip, framed waterfall photos…

Step 3 – Offer Rewards Bolstered by Your Creativity & Talents

Survey your talents and interests asking what someone would who doesn’t know me pay for this event (Boles, 2012). Can I illustrate, produce a video, produce a photography package, write adventure blogs for sponsoring companies, give kayak and travel instruction… Whatever the product you can create a rewards program for various size donations. You can even add a list of creative souvenirs thank you items (Boles, 2012).

Step 4 – Promote Your Campaign

Once you have created your campaign you will need to promote via your social media outlets. Pucon Kayak Retreat will additionally offer our social media resources to help too. Especially, if you create a river sustainability cause or donate to a local youth campaign. Ask your family, friends, and any large support groups to share and promote your campaign to cast a larger net (Boles, 2012). We recommend Facebook, local clubs, whitewater forums and groups, Instagram, and Twitter.

To learn more and help develop your crowd source campaign to kayak Chile’s rivers email or call. We’re here to help. David@PuconKayakRetreat.com or +1-828-788-5135.



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Highlights. One of a kind land bridge seal launch; Double Drop challenges, ear dipping the 12 footer, and multi-lapping the 20 footer.

Dangers. The run is relatively safe. Although, high flows can get downright nasty with scary swims. Low flows and too far left off the 20 footer the water is green. Avoid taking out river right above the crack.

Instructor Tips & Challenges. Go with someone that knows has access permissions or have a vehicle security plan. Plan to lap Double Drop and the 20 footer (leftside below Pescador is trail). PKR provides safety and freestyle coaching for various waterfall skills.


Advanced Pucon Chile Rivers to Kayak 

Lower Trancura (III to IV)

Upper Palguin River (III to IV+)

Lower Palguin (III to IV+)

Maichin Canyon (III+ to IV+)

Upper Fuy (III+ to IV+)

San Pedro River (II to IV) 

Liucura Wave to Trancura Confluence (III to III+)

Rio Claro (III+ to V)

Salto Blanco del Sur (IV)

Other advanced rivers descriptions coming soon: Coilaco 30 Footer, Maipo (Lower & Upper), Rio Nuble, Futaleufu  

Chile Kayak Trips Featuring
Upper Palguin River

Pucon Classics Advanced (III to IV)

Multiple WEEKS Available
Advanced Chile Whitewater Kayaking Trip guarantees blue rivers, waterfalls, slides, and boofing all on world class creeking and big rivers.

Fuy Plus Pucon Rivers

Advanced kayaking in Chiles best waterfall destinations of Rio Fuy and Pucon. Blue waterfalls with Pucon rivers and basalt canyons offers multiple sections for advanced whitewater kayakers.

2022-23 Trip Calendar

All TripsNovember Trips - Experts Only This is the Chilean spring time and that means optimum levels for creeking, more rivers and waterfalls options. Dates Trip Details OCT 29 - NOV 4 Pucon Creek Week (IV - V) Book Trip Mark Taylor/David Hughes OCT 29 - NOV 11 Custom...

Week of Rivers Chile Kayaking Trip

Multiple Dates. FOR Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Kayakers
For clubs & groups with a range of skills: beginner – intermediate – advanced kayakers. Beginners and intermediates can safely learn while advanced kayakers can challenge their skills with separate rivers and instructors. Celebrate nightly around the fire.

Pucon Creek Week (IV to V)

Multiple Dates Available
Mark Taylor/Joe Gudger/David Hughes/Staff
POPULAR… combo with Claro Plus

Kayak Chile’s best whitewater in basalt canyons, volcano drainages, slides, big water rapids, and stick your waterfall lines. A week of epic kayaking and celebrating Chile’s best whitewater region during optimal flows.

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Other Advanced Chile Kayak Trip Options

Pucon Creek Week (IV to V)

Pucon Creek Week (IV to V)

Multiple Dates Available
Mark Taylor/Joe Gudger/David Hughes/Staff
POPULAR… combo with Claro Plus

Kayak Chile’s best whitewater in basalt canyons, volcano drainages, slides, big water rapids, and stick your waterfall lines. A week of epic kayaking and celebrating Chile’s best whitewater region during optimal flows.

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Kayaking Chile Waterfalls Rio Claro

Kayaking Chile Waterfalls Rio Claro

Advanced and Expert Kayakers
Leaders: Mark Taylor, Joe Gudger

Kayak Chiles Claro Canyon basalt waterfalls. 66,000,000 years milled and carved to kayaking perfection. Access, logistics, equipment, meals, coaching included. Bring your Go Pro and elbow pads.

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