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Many trips offer media packages documenting adventures and thrills. Want your trip documented? Ask us if we can arrange a media professional for your trip.

Tosatto & Friends Custom Pucon Classics
(III to IV+) Highlights

Peter Farmelo, Pucon Creek Week
(III+ to V) Highlights

Colorado Mountain College Chile Rivers of Life Sustainability course with PKR

Pucon Classics (II to III+) Ad

Randy Sparrow, Pucon Classics II to III &
Multi-Adventures Extension

NOC’s Jae Jackson Pucon Classics
(II to III) Testimony

Fuy PLUS Pucon Highlights

Claro PLUS Highlights

Staff Picks


Mystery Santa Claws Runs Salto del Blanco

Dane Jackson’s 126 Foot Chile Salto del Maule

David Hughes 47th Bday Demshitz Drop Battle

Tara Blair Palguin Highlight Edit