Trip guarantees best-in-world-quality clean blue waterfalls and river experiences. The Fuy +PLUS Pucon advanced kayakers trip was created because one day at the Fuy just wasn’t enough. We realized three should serve our goals to make your kayaking experience as epic as possible. Kayakers will have a warm up on Pucon’s best whitewater before traveling just two hours away to our Fuy base camp. Trip guarantees world class epic kayaking and what we lik

Warner Bonner a successful San Francisco real estate partner and former life class V charger asked, “you got any trips with a clean 50 footer?” The answer at the time was no, but retreat owner David Hughes thought, “Why not? Our staff and students run the Middle Fuy annually when it gets low enough for the canyon to become enjoyable.” A year later Warner notched Chile’s bluest cleanest 50 foot waterfall AKA “La Cobra,” and a new trip was a huge success. Read Warner Bonner’s 50 Foot Waterfall Story.

About Fuy PLUS Pucon… Guaranteed Epic.

The trip starts with a river-running and creeking warmup at our Pucon base. With backyard runs offering lots of boofs, big water rapids, and waterfall canyons its idea to hone your skills prior to game time. Then its three days of epic-ness lapping the Fuy canyons and sections. The Fuy PLUS Pucon is the perfect balance of light travel, Chile exploration, and a variety of Chile best whitewater.

Why February for the Middle Fuy Canyon?

In Chile levels are everything. The Upper Fuy is supplied by Lago Neltume with a short DEC to JAN optimal flow season. The Middle Fuy doubles the basalt canyon volume with flows from two glacial creeks. The high flows are down right dangerous. But late February when the Upper Fuy becomes a dry bed the Middle Fuy is the expert kayaker’s playground. Clear cornered 3 to 6 foot high boofs are the warmup until the portage above La Cobra. Due to these flow conditions the Upper and Middle Fuy sections are not optimal at the same time.

Below La Cobra the whitewater picks up into faster paced continuous longer rapids. Boofs and a multitude of lines make this canyon series spectacular and worth celebration. With the target optimal lower flows the rapids are manageable with eddies for rescue, staging, safety setting, and breathers. Knowing the lines makes this canyon this canyon experience that much safer and enjoyable to kayakers seeking that once in a lifetime blue-water-epic-action.

Trip Highlight –  Celebration at bottom of La Cobra

The scout is a birds overhead view of the lip with heart pounding there’s only one way out. Game time… you’ve practiced your tuck and safety positions, strokes, and splash your face. Blow your whistle and announce to safety and camera you are en float to the lip. Pulsing through veins blood and adrenalin spike, ROLL!!! Everyone is cheering, “Am I OKay?” Your fist pumps into the air. This is what we call, “FIERO!” 

Middle Fuy Canyon Below 50-Footer (IV to V)

At this time of season the Middle Fuy is just too much volume for our trips. Although, we know a trail to hike into the canyon just below the gnarliest class V rapids offering endless turquoise boofs, and one hell of a spectacular canyon experience. Approximately, 3 KM long this section receives a boost of water from two glacial fed creeks.

Lower Fuy (III to IV)

The easiest of the Fuy sections begins where the Middle Fuy ends. It’s worth a run as the boofs and charging continue for another 4 KM. Plus views of the glacier and rapids are worth it. 

Pucon Rivers and Sections

Our back yard Trancura offers the best class V and IV+ in the area. We’ll mix Upper Trancura, Upper Palguin, and other local laps as a warmer upper for our Fuy road trip.

Two Lodging Options – Choose Your Comfort & Budget

Kayakers have the option to reserve cabin lodging or camping.

Camping. Many kayakers prefer to save their budgets and sleep under the stars. Campers need to bring their own camping supplies.

Cabins. Do you prefer the comforts of a bed and bathroom. We’ve got you covered and arrange for cabin rentals near to the river.


What’s Included.

  • Breakfast, Lunc, and Dinner.
  • Kayak Rental.
  • Airport Transfer.
  • Lodging.
  • World’s Best Kayak Instruction.
  • Daily River Transports.

Not Included.

  • Alcohol.
  • Two travel day meals.
  • Meals average about $9 to $18/meal and pricing has been reduced $US100 to account for meals.
  • Optional multi-adventure activities such as massage therapy, hot springs, paragliding…

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 (SAT)

Arrival to Temuco Airport (ZCO) 11 AM to 5 PM.
Boat outfitting and welcome a retreat riverside base. Afternoon river lap and welcome dinner.

Day 2 & 3 (SUN & MON)

Boof time. Your Pucon riverside base offers four core sections of whitewater to serve as a warmer upper to get your boof, eddy piercing, communication skills, and rapid running game ready. The Upper and Lower Trancura is packed full of boofs, fast paced rapids, and challenge slot moves. The Upper and Lower Palguin gives you the perfect balance within a canyon experience offering low volume waterfalls and creeking lines. The Maichin Canyon reminds us of the Upper Yough’s many slots and fun lines within a gorgeous canyon experience.
Kayak Theory, Safety Protocol, Waterfall 101, Art of Flight. Morning lap.
Afternoons. Recovery Ciestas and afternoon laps. Keep in mind the days are 13 hours so we have more time than energy.

Day 4 to 6 (TUE to THU) Fuy River Base

We’ll depart the luxuries of our Pucon base for the epicness of the Fuy canyons, waterfalls, rapids, and area wonders. This 3-Day Fuy road trip is simply an epic kayaking experience. Being so close to the Fuy kayakers have plenty of time to actually get a lap in, take a ciesta, then get another lap in. 

Day 6 (THU) Morning Fuy Lap & Return to Pucon

Some guests want a last lap, but don’t be surprised if you are good. There are plenty of activities to do en route back to Pucon. 

AM – Morning Fuy Choice Lap or Multi-Adventure Activity
PM – Return to Pucon Kayak Retreat

Day 7 (FRI) Group Pucon Choice & Celebration Asado 

Want to explore Pucon for a morning? Get a final Palguin or Trancura lap in? Try a multi-adventure activity such as tandem paragliding, hike a volcano, hot springs, swimming holes and lagunas… Our celebration asados are world class. This is your moment to relive your epic stories, to celebrate your accomplishments, to laugh at our failures, and to simply enjoy a Chilean feast.

AM – Wake. Pack. Drive to Santiago airport (SCL) or kayakers going to Pucon Creek Week ride to Pucon.
PM – Time permitting afternoon Nuble lap and asado.

Are You Ready?

We recommend before your trip that you kayak often, are part of a normal hiking or workout routine, and who couldn’t lose some weight? Workouts like Crossfit or any intense leg routines… we love them. Yes, get in shape it will help your confidence as you paddle too.



Price & Lodging Options

Fuy & Pucon Cabins (pp dbl occ)


Prices per person

Trip Details

Skill Level: IV to V

Deposit:  $US600 Read Payment Guarantees

Arrival City: Temuco Airport (ZCO) FEB 20, 11 AM to 5 PM

Departure City:

Temuco Airport (ZCO) FEB 27, 11 AM to 5 PM

Trip Length: 8 Days

Trip Extension Option: Add a warmup week in Pucon prior to your trip with $200 DISCOUNT!

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