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Why choose Pucon Kayak Retreat for your multi-sport adventure vacation? Welcome to our home. 

Sadly, much of the multi-sport industry has capitalized into booking agencies where core values don’t easily transfer to the international destinations they market. While, this formula achieves marketing our guests share that these glorified hotel hopping trips lack connection with local community, knowledge of area activities, and the irreplaceable cheerful atmosphere the retreat people and facilities offer. You can feel the warmth and pride of our riverside property in each building, caring face, activity, and story relived. We warmly invite you to let us introduce you to one of the world’s glacial, volcanic, and water transporting adventure anomalies.

Choose A Different Adventure Flavor Daily 


Chilean wines to savor your adventure stories. You’ve earned it.

Our multi-sport guests prefer to have the best Pucon adventures presented and logistically coordinated for efficiency of their valuable time. We’ve explored, networked, hosted, and even trained the Pucon eco-tourism leaders. For us it’s like a fulfilling pursuit to discover another gem of an activity to share with traveling friends, our guests. Summit the Vía Ferrata to a dream-like laguna, relaxing hot springs, sample a new culinary dish, paraglide behind a boat over Lago Villarrica, hike the fire and ice (volcano and glacier) trek, loosen those muscles with morning yoga, or enjoy a massage after an intense couple of days adventuring. We orchestrate Pucon’s best multi-sport activities in a balance of intense to relaxing to toasting both your failures and successes.

Relaxing Activities. After a few days of adventuring, we’ll mix in Pucón’s more comforting activities. Tea and pastries at Chile’s most famous hot springs, Termas Geometricas. How about an authentic asado with a sommelier presenting Chilean wines, appetizers, and provisions at our private access overlooking Lago Caburgua. Morning yoga to breathe and stretch out those muscles is almost as therapeutic as the massage therapist.

Funky Sustainable Architect Designs. The retreat property is architect-designed to exclusively bring global personalities together around glowing fires, music, and riverside hangout areas. Most notable is the center-piece open-air quincho with wood burning oven attracting laughter and stories. Recycled containers, open-air tree deck showers, geodesic domes, and an eco-forestry sustainability plan preserves the indigenous native riverside environment. The retreat is all things contrast of hotel and internet-checking out.

Location. Location. Location. It’s no surprise that adventure companies are making offers to purchase Pucón’s best riverside property. If Pucón is Chile’s adventure epicenter, consider your Trancura riverside retreat as the lifeblood center of Pucón adventures. Adventures are in every direction, beginning with a minute’s walk to whitewater and fly fishing. We’re conveniently just outside of Pucon riverside amongst the areas best adventures.

Riverside Pucon Living. The river suites provide en suite bathrooms with a river view from your bed. French doors open to a private deck over-looking the Trancura rapids. Nightly fires are mandatory attracting story swapping reliving the day’s fears and blunders, and of course climaxes and successes. It is this spirit of bonding that keeps traveler’s loyal to the retreat atmosphere.

Chile’s Adventure Capital, Pucón


SUP board, kayak or fish from Lago Villarrica overflowing into the Rio Tolten.

For millions of years, glacial compaction and volcanic activity carved and milled Chile’s Lakes and Rivers District. Three volcanos tower above the surrounding Andean snow-covered peaks storing water energy. Within a short distance, the Andes flow enters and exits several lakes and lagunas, becoming warmer and warmer as they approach the Pacific. The views are remarkable by any scale, and the clear Chilean waters are surprisingly warm. It is this series of peaks and canyons, creeks to lagunas, and rivers to lakes that we promise to show you the best of Chile’s fire ring.


*PKR reserves the right to make changes due to individual activity requests, and weather conditions. Activities will be presented nightly for the following day. The following is a sample of popular Pucon multi-sport adventures. 

Day 1, SAT. Temuco Arrivals (11 AM to 5 PM) & Welcome Dinner.
Multi-Options (TBD). Trancura Delta Inflatable Kayak, Lago Caburgua Appetizers, or Turbio Lagunas & Appetizers.

Day 2, SUN. Inflatable Kayak Rio Trancura/Turbio Lava Pools
Early Bird Options. Yoga, fishing or coffee and cold breakfast before breakfast.
Multi-Options (TBD). A. Inflatable Kayak Rio Liucura to Trancura Confluence; B. Turbio Lava Pools Hike.

Day 3, MON. Fire & Ice Trek (Volcano & Glacier) + Appetizers & Wine Tasting
Early Bird Options. Yoga, fishing or coffee and cold breakfast before breakfast.
Multi-Options (TBD). Hike Glacier Pichillancahue or Volcan Quetrupillan (picnic/provisions).
Wine Tasting Afternoon Event.

Day 4, TUE. Rio San Pedro Rafting
Early Bird Options. Coffee or tea. Early pack and go.
Multi-Options (TBD). Rio San Pedro click link. Pucón dinner, town-walk/shopping, artisan ice cream.
Multi-sporters will raft the San Pedro alongside the kayakers to experience one of Chile’s most glorious warm-water whitewater experiences. Read more Rio San Pedro.

Day 5, WED. Vía Ferrata Summit + Massage Therapy + Boat-Tow Paraglide Lago Villarrica + Pucon Culinary Favorite.
Early Bird Option. Coffee or tea. Breakfast and pack.
Multi-Options (TBD).
Morning activities include summiting the vía ferrata and massage therapy sessions. For the afternoon we go to the Lago Villarrica beach for an afternoon of relaxing and boat-tow paragliding over the lake. We’ll check out the Pucon shops prior to enjoying one of our favorite culinary experiences.

Day 6, THU. Run a 10 Foot Waterfall or Waterfall Hike & Termas Geometricas (tea and pastries).
Early Bird Options. Coffee or tea.
Multi-Options (TBD). Run a Waterfall (pack raft) or hike the Palguin waterfalls. For the adventurous we’ll hike into Palguin basalt canyon to run a clean ten foot high waterfall with an inflatable kayak. Our kayak team will set safety for the thrill of a lifetime. Or you can hike the canyon waterfalls and see what the pro kayakers run. Then soak in Chile’s best of the best hot springs. We’ll savor the fails and successes with pastries, coffee and tea. Read more Termas Geometricas.

Day 7, FRI. Rafting or Fly Fishing or Horseback Riding
Early Bird Option. Yoga, coffee or tea before breakfast.
Multi-Options (TBD). Choose from rafting fly fishing and Horse Back Riding. Our farewell feast will include an authentic Chilean asado to celebrate the achievements of the week.

Day 8, SAT. Pack and Airport Transfer. 
Early Bird Option. Yoga, coffee or tea before breakfast.
Multi-Options (TBD). Pucon souvenirs shopping pending time.

Want to extend your multi-sport trip? Or learn to whitewater kayak? 

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Price & Lodging Options

Pucon River Suite/Fuy Cabin (pp dbl occ)

Pucon Hosteria/Fuy Cabin

Prices per person

Trip Details

Skill Level: Keen spirit to explore and relax

Deposit:  $1,000 deposit. Read Payment Guarantees

Arrival City: Temuco Airport (ZCO) 11 AM to 5 PM

Departure City: Temuco Airport (ZCO) 11 AM to 5 PM

Trip Length: 8 Days

Trip Extension Option: Yes. Available for trip extension.

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