Description Lower Maichin River (II to III)

Approaching the Argentina border is the gorgeous Maichin Canyon collecting water from volcanos Sollipulli and Lanin. Idea for beginner and intermediate kayakers seeking a canyon experience with safe whitewater rapids. World class for beauty and fishing we often take inflatable kayaks and intermediate kayakers to practice rapid running, scouting, surf, ferrying, and eddy catching.


Whitewater Kayak Skills Learning

  • flat water roll

  • combat roll

  • river communication and scouting

  • eddy catching

  • low volume ferrying

  • confidence building

Access Put in/Takeout

Requires 2 vehicles or shuttle driver, this is a long 45 to 60 minute shuttle. Idea to combine shuttles with an advanced group on the Maichin Canyon. Bumpy harsh road. /Takeout at Panqui Bridge.

Put In: Driving from Pucon toward the Argentina border the Maichin collects snow melt from Volcanos Sollipulli and Lanin. The Lower Maichin begins at the takeout for the Maichin Canyon. Putin at Maichin Canyon takeout (ask for permission from farmer and offer 5,000 pesos).

Take Out: Panqui Bridge prior to Currarehue


The section is relatively safe, professional kayaker required for beginners and intermediates. There a couple of read and run rapids with trees requiring professional to direct intermediates around hazards.

Instructor Tips & Challenges

Take money for the Mapuche market at Panqui Bridge takeout. Photo shoot at side tributary waterfall. Great section to practice combat rolls, ferrying, and eddy piercing with safety spotters. Offer 5,000 pesos to farmer at put-in.

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Lower Maichin Canyon (II to III) 

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Pucon Hotsprings & Lakes for kayaking. When its cold we negotiate to use nearby hotsprings for roll lessons. When its hot we use Lago Caburgua.


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Lower Maichin

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