Meet Sal Montgomery

Expedition Kayak Leader, UK National Freestyle Kayak Team, Team Pyranha, Kayak Session Columnist

Sal Montgomery Kayaking Chile waterfalls

It was by chance Sal and the retreat became acquainted. Like many nomadic paddlers Sal was surfing and kayaking via Peru making her way to Pucon’s whitewater mecca seeking waterfalls and glorious rivers. Knowing several folks on the property Sal soon was pitching in and illustrating her value to guests and the retreat. An instructional opening for our premier Claro PLUS trip presented itself. Sal’s contagious enthusiasm, whitewater skills, and team player attitude were the perfect leadership requisites for our most glamourous trip. Sal returned to the retreat and was offered instructional and administration work. Sal was a natural within the group always pitching in and keen to notch a waterfall, go on a trip, offer kayaking tips, or serve a copa de vino. Sal embodies the spirit of adventure, exploration, and team bonding that the retreat strives to share with guests.

We gave Sal her choice of where she preferred to work at the reteat. Which was a combination of morning shift breakfast so she could kayak more, and leading signature trips.

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 Sal’s Instructional Style. 

Sal has an easy going approach to instruction much like her attractive persona. Sal identifies student needs, objectives, and assesses skills. And then works individually with kayakers to help them gain confidence and work to achieve their kayaking goals. 

Accomplishments and Certifications.

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