Temuco Airport (ZCO) to Pucon Transport Options

Pucon Kayak Retreat offers gratis transfers to and from Pucon/Temuco during published arrival and departures. Most Pucon based trips the gratis arrival/departure times are Saturdays between 11 AM to 5 PM. Times outside of these are likely require alternative transfers due to lack of both human and vehicle resources.

Some options to get from the Temuco Airport to Pucon. 

A. Transfer Temuco (Sprinter vans). Cost approximately 20,000 CLP.

These are nice and comfy Mercedes Sprinter vans carrying international travelers to hotels around Pucon. We consider this a convenient and economical option.
Directions to take Sprinter to Pucon. As you exit the small baggage claim goto the counter on your right. At the end you will see a transfer service. Ask for a ticket to Pucon. Naturally, follow the travelers to the line of Sprinter vans outside and present your ticket. You will be transferred to the Grand Pucon Hotel. You may take a taxi or Uber to Pucon Kayak Retreat. If the retreat is picking you up please send a Whatsapp message when you are departing Temuco so we may gauge your arrival time. Updates along your route are helpful especially if there are traffic delays.


*If you do not give Sprinter driver the above location please let us know as will need to pick you up at the further away Grand Pucon Hotel. 

B. Uber or taxi Temuco to Pucon. 

This is an even more convenient option than the Sprinters because they will deliver you direct to Pucon Kayak Retreat. Prices vary from $US75 to $US150.
Directions to Uber or Taxi. If you have the Uber app you simply do your Uber thing with the Pucon Kayak Retreat Google Maps location. Taxis are waiting outside of airport and will give price upon request.

C. Jac Bus to Pucon. 

This is the most affordable option at less than 10,000 pesos. There are a couple of scheduled stops in Freire and Villarrica making the trip less convenient.
Directions Jac bus to Pucon. Goto the counter that has the Jac bus to Pucon sign. Buy a ticket to Pucon. If you are having the retreat pick you up at Jac Pucon terminal then please announce when you depart Pucon. Travelers may easily take Uber or taxi to the retreat.


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