When to Whitewater Kayak in Chile

The best time to whitewater kayak Chile is a combination of geography, time of season, and your personal whitewater kayak skills. The Chilean climate determines water levels for varying skills over the course of our season, from October to March. Generally, whitewater rivers are flowing best from Pucón and to the North prior to the holidays. Kayaking Chile rivers from Pucón and to the South is best after the holidays. Check out the helpful timeline below for more info about where to kayak for your skill level.

All Chile Rivers & Waterfalls

Looking for all the whitewater rivers and waterfalls in Chile? Look no further! We’ve created an extensive list of all the rivers, their class level and the best time of the season to kayak. You can check out the list below. Many of our trips feature these incredible rivers, so take a look at the Trip Calendar to have the best experience in Chile.


Santiago to Pucón Area

As you travel north, it is hotter and more arid, meaning the rivers here flow at optimal levels prior to Christmas. Most notably the Rio Claro (aka Seven Teacups National Park) has very low water levels by the end of November. Higher volume rivers, such as the Nuble, Maipo, Tena, and Maule hold water for longer, but they are also best before the end of November.


Pucón Rios y Lagos District

Pucón is the epicenter of Chile whitewater kayaking, with a variety of rivers and waterfalls are guaranteed all season long. October and November are rainier periods great for notching class IV+ runs and big drops. In the peak months of summer, from December thru March, rivers become better for beginner and intermediate kayakers.


South of Gulfo de Ancud

To the South is more water and the climate is colder, making it a better place to venture as the Northern rivers start to dry up. While Pucón is still the best place to be for the most amount of rivers, you can find unique features to the South towards the end of the season, such as the Futa and Puelo Canyon.

Sal Montgomery Kayaking Chile waterfalls

Still Want More Info About Whitewater?

Check out our blog post When Is the Best Time to Kayak in Chile for a deep dive into everything about whitewater kayaking in Chile. This post will give you detailed information about rivers, areas and seasons to find the perfect time for you to visit Chile. We hope to see you out on the water!

Our Trips at Pucon Kayak Retreat

With incredible rivers all over Chile, sometimes it’s best to get experts to show you where to go and when! Everything you’ll needed is included in a trip, from gear rentals, lodging, food and transportation to all rivers. These trips are offered throughout the season, from October to March, and are the best way to experience Chile’s whitewater.

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