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All inclusive trips.

Beginner kayak trips offer kayak, inflatable kayak and raft options.

Kayak Chiles Lakes District.

Rio San Pedro overflows out of a lake en route to the Pacific. 

Proper sections for your skills.

Learn techniques fundamental for running rivers. 

Traffic jam.

You never know what you will see on the way to the river.

"Can I run bigger rapids?"

Inflatable kayaks are more stable allowing folks to run bigger rapids. 

Are you ready to kayak a rapid?

 We’ll make sure you are.

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Rob meet your future wife.

Meghan and Rob met on this trip… and they lived happily ever after. 

Want to run a big rapid?

Inflatable kayaks are more stable. Add a professional guide and you can run even bigger rapids. 

Celebrate running rapids.

Beginner Chile Kayak Trips

Want to learn to whitewater kayak or improve your skills but have no or little experience? The retreat beginner Chile kayak trips start with kayak equipment outfitting and learning about your new fun craft – the kayak. Then its off to the lake to play and learn kayak fundamentals such as the wet exit, kayak maneuvering, strokes, and even how to roll your kayak. The fun has only just begun.

What’s Included with Retreat Beginner Chile Kayak Trips?

Retreat beginner Chile kayak trips are all-inclusive providing equipment, meals, instruction, transportation, kayak or inflatable kayak option all at the Rio Trancura gorgeous riverside retreat. Daily kayak lessons happen at the retreat and nearby lakes and rivers. Before you know it you will be scouting and running rapids. Yes, it can be scary. Yet, with a professional instructor you will have safety and you always have the option to assess and portage rapids. You will get the hang of it in no time. We’ll keep the adventures and rivers coming, and you keep the good attitude.

Don’t be surprised if you love kayaking and choose to join your new kayak friends on global river trips. Keep Kayaking.

Custom Group Kayaking Rio Claro

“Am I good enough to participate in beginner Chile kayak trips?”

Few beginner kayakers realize that Pucon is amongst the best destinations for beginner and intermediate whitewater kayak development. Retreat beginner Chile kayak trips focus on aligning beginner instruction with proper beginner river sections.

Kayaking in Chile is the Palguin River with seal launch

Think about it. All of those waterfalls, creeks, rivers, and lakes exit the Andean gradient right at our Pucon location (elevation 1500 feet). Newly formed rivers must make their way to the Pacific within a short distance. Heck, within an hour radius of the retreat we have more than a dozen beginner to intermediate kayak sections with features excellent for learning to combat roll, ferry, catch eddies, surf and play, and develop your skills safely. Did we mention it’s gorgeous?

Kayaking in Chile is the Palguin River with seal launch

Rolls & Rivers Beginner: Lucas Varas

Rolls & Rivers Beginner: Blue & Haley (NOC)

Rolls & Rivers Beginner: Blue & Haley (NOC)

Rolls & Rivers Beginner: Karla Held (Central TX Kayaking)

Rolls & Rivers Beginner:

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Why do guests choose our beginner Chile kayak trips?


Who is Rolls & Rivers – Beginner Chile kayak trips, for?

Anyone with a sense of adventure keen to learn the sport of whitewater kayaking giving your vacation purpose and challenges. Pucon surrounded by Andean peaks, lakes and volcanos provides drainages making their way via mountain to lake to next lake to Pacific Ocean. The geology and geography are a river anomaly waiting for exploration and fun. 

Kayak or Inflatable Kayak (IK) options

Kayak Option. The whitewater kayak (plastic composite) is whitewater’s highest performing craft classically known for ability roll when you capsize. Kayaks are faster, durable, and highly dynamic to rapids. Yet, they are tippier and the learning curve to master the roll takes longer.

Inflatable Kayak Option (IK). Duckies and pack rafts (IKs) are more stable crafts akin to an individual raft. Wider hulls (bottom) and broad tubes make them stable and fun. No rolling is necessary because if you flip you can upright the boat and get in yourself or with assistance. The IK option means beginners can paddle more exciting whitewater with less experience. 

Equipment orientation, outfitting & safety from certified instructors

You’ll learn the key pieces of equipment and various styles of kayaking. Safety concerns, history, and applications of the world’s most dynamic water craft. What other craft can plunge waterfalls, surf waves, run rapids, and roll upright when it flips?

The essential five pieces of kayak equipment are: paddle, personal flotation device (PFD), kayak, skirt, and helmet. Soft gear includes river shoes such as neoprene booties or sandals, fleece liners, and splash or dry tops. Wet suits are also common. The retreat provides all of your gear. Many guests bring their own river shoes and underlayers.

As your skills progress, so will the rivers

Learning to whitewater kayak takes time and practice. Each day your skills will progress as will your daily new challenges. Rolling in whitewater is unnatural in the beginning. But with great instructors and team support each progression and failure is celebrated as a progressive advancement. We’ll keep the adventures and rivers coming, and you keep the good attitude.

Pucon Kayak Retreat Johnnie Kayaker

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Beginner Chile Kayak Trips Itinerary: Rolls & Rivers

Day 1.

Bienvenidos a Pucon, Chile: Orientation

Arrival to Temuco Airport (ZCO) between 11 AM to 5 PM.
Boat outfitting and welcome.
Welcome to Pucon Kayak Retreat appetizers, provisions, and dinner by fire.

Day 2.

Rio Liucura Bridge to Waterwheel or curve below wave (II to II+)

AM/PM (Full day) – Kayak orientation, goals, fundamentals, rolls and rivers. Retreat class and Rio Liucura.

Day 3.

Lower Maichin Canyon or Trancura Delta to Lago Villarrica (II to III)

AM/PM Full Day – Kayak fundamentals review. Pending water levels and group will kayak the Lower Maichin or Trancura Delta. Both sections offer safe beginner whitewater features idea for ferrying, roll practice, and basic river running skills development. Day is often combined with a fun multi-sport activity such as Lago Villarrica appetizers and cocktails beach front vista of Volcan Villarrica.

Day 4.

Rio San Pedro (II to III+) 

AM/PM – Full Day. Raft or Inflatable Kayak options for safe Rio San Pedro experience. 

Yes, beginners get to experience the world renowned turquoise rapids of kayaking or rafting Chile’s Rio San Pedro. Often, a trip highlight beginner kayakers are given the option of an inflatable kayak or to raft with a guide because rapids are too big for beginners. The river is simply gorgeous with warm water and playful waves. 

Day 5.

Multi-Sport Day – Lagos Andinos Trek & Cerveceria + Pucon Culinary Experience

AM/PM Full Day. Now, the regions best multisport activities! A drive to the Argentina border and we’ll be in National Park Villarrica Lagos Andinos. Hike through old growth forest along the slopes of Volcan Lanin in between a series of Andean lakes. After, stop at a remarkable cerveceria right on the Rio Puesco.

Pucon Culinary Experience. We select a favorite decadent or culturally rich dining experience as a relaxing night on the town. After dinner, enjoy a walking tour of Pucon along streets lined with cafes, live musicians, desert and artesan ice cream shops.

Day 6.

Lower Rio Fuy (II to III)

AM/PM Full Day – The short lived Rio Fuy begins at the Argentina border from solar heated Lago Pirihueico and flows through class III, IV and V basalt waterfall canyons before gradient subsides with the Lower Fuy section.

The Lower Fuy with two access put in locations gives beginners and intermediates another unique glimpse of Chile’s Lake District and the rivers that drain one lake and flow into another. The whitewater features are as good as the vistas adding yet another epic day to your adventures.

Day 7.

Lower Trancura or Group Option & Celebration Asado

AM Group Option. Final Friday is often determined by specific individual skills with flexibilty. Some groups want to return to a favorite development section. Others a climax Lower Trancura lap. Heck, we’ve even hiked individuals in to inflatable kayak a clean ten foot waterfall. 

PM – Celebration Asado. The farewell asado BBQ is a celebration to cherish and remember your accomplishments and not so great moments too. Laugh and reminisce with your new kayaking community. 

Day 8.

DAY 8, SAT. Pack, Activity Option, Departure Transfers

AMPucon souvenirs and crafts shopping or a one last quick run on the water.
PM  Temuco Airport (ZCO) Departure Flights Between 11 AM to 5 PM.

*Due to water levels, skills, and group needs the following itinerary is subject to change and is a best prediction of the itinerary.

Let us do it ALL for you… ALL-INCLUSIVE!

Retreat Kayak Trips Include

Kayak Choice

Choose from Chile’s best whitewater kayak fleet.


Choose from unique lodging options that best suit your comfort & budget.

Wining & Dining

Breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner. Some VIP trips come with special additional provisions.


Airport transfers during scheduled time and daily river and town transportation included.

Clubs, Schools &
Custom Groups

Got a group of friends or club, school group with academic needs, varying skills, your dates don’t match with our trips, or want to explore a customized itinerary? We’ve developed custom itineraries for universities for credits, clubs, high schools, friends of varying skills, paragliders, bikers and trekkers.