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Are you a guide, trip leader or adventure company owner seeking an attractive all-inclusive destination? Pucon Kayak Retreat is seeking strategic partners to co-host retreats. Partnerships offer impressive riverside accommodations and meal services, a menu of adventures, outfitting, and our buena onda team to help you every step of your guide and guest journey.

GETTING STARTED (No financial costs). Complete this SIX MINUTE FORM to begin your path to hosting Chile adventure retreats and understanding the process. 

How does hosting a retreat work?

1. Design Your Retreat

Partner agents/agencies co-design a retreat trip initially by completing the below HOST AN EVENT FORM. Next, we will walk you through trip development and selecting calendar dates to promote.

2. Promote Your Trip & Make Introductions

Partner agent/agency compensation packages require the successful conversion of guest INTRODUCTIONS to a booking guest. Compensations include pre-trip benefits, commissions, guide pay, room & board, and tips.

3. Execute the Retreat

Any agent/agency INTRODUCTION converting to even one booking guest shall qualify for compensation package as your ticket to hosting and co-leading your Chile retreat.

VIP Multisport (more than $3900/per)YES during tripYESLodging yes; Meals & Transport TBD18% per booking
Kayak Trip (less than $3900/per)YES during tripYESLodging yes; Meals & Transport TBD15% per booking
Custom & Group TripsTBDTBDTBDTBD

Host an Event Form

This is the first step to co-creating hosting a retreat to your target guests. Complete this form to give both parties a better idea of expectations and opportunities.

Group Information (6 minutes)

Group Organizer(Required)
Add plus sign if you have Whatsapp. +1-333-3333
Type of Group
Select all that apply to your group.
Group Size.
Select all that apply to your group.
Which months would work for your group?
Select all that apply to your group.
Whitewater Trips
If you are promoting whitewater trips, select all that apply.
VIP Multi-Sport Adventures
If you are promoting multi-sport adventure trips, select all that apply.
Academic Adventure Programs
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Wellness Trips
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Please describe activities of interest for your group.
If your trip doesn't fall into the categories above, please describe your ideas and what you'd like for your group.
How do you prefer we respond?
EMAIL INTRO Referrals(Required)
The retreat strategy is based upon the referring agent making an OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION via email or social media as the official record of referral. PKR cc’s referring agent on correspondences, places the guest into the marketing campaign, and your new collaborative team work together to promote the retreat experience.
Guide Priorities Statement of Understanding.(Required)
1) No Referral Booking = No Benefits including access to lodging, meals, transportation… 2) Any guide successfully referring a guest on specific trip shall receive first trip option priority; 3) Any guide that successfully refers a guest shall receive the third sequential priority option for pickup trips; 4) Select local professional guides shall receive sequential priority for pickup trips. *Scarlett Multi-sport Clause... Scarlett shall receive secondary trip option priority on any multi-sport trip as trip success strategy as our in-house multi-sport expert.
Understanding Sustainable Group Sizes(Required)
1) I understand that multiple groups may book the retreat at the same time as a strategy against low numbers and to achieve sustainable operational numbers; 2) I understand exclusive groups (10 or more) require an advance deposit. Exclusive groups have the option to operate trips independently with custom options; 3) I prefer the safety net of promoting smaller numbers of 1 to 5. Small numbers give independent referring agents the ability to operate trips with numbers as low as one guest by operating trip parallel to our existing trips. For example, Blue may promote two booking guests on an intermediate kayak trip that operates the same itinerary as a scheduled intermediate trip. This gives the referring agent the safety net benefit of operating with low numbers under our cooperative model. Yet, an individual instructs his/her/their guests independently.
We understand this is a lot to process. Please describe what specific questions you have. Feel free to email [email protected] to speak with someone in person.
Pucon Kayak Retreat Johnnie Kayaker

We’ve Got You Covered

Our Trips Include


We’ve got Chile’s best whitewater kayak fleet. Plus we coordinate the gear for other scheduled activities.


Choose from one of our unique lodging options that best suits your needs.

Wining & Dining

We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some trips come with special wining & dining.


We will get you to and from the airport during scheduled times. We also handle shuttling for all activities.

View Our Scheduled Trips

Not sure what you want your custom trip to look like? Browse our scheduled kayak trips by experience level to get some ideas. Maybe you like a particular one but just need different dates.

Beginner Kayaking Trips

Class I to III

Beginner whitewater kayaking in Chile is exciting as you learn paddle skills, the whitewater roll, and get to explore rivers in your kayak. Kayakers begin with learning to roll in a lake or hot springs and daily practice your new skills on a safe river section. Whitewater skills you will learn include strokes, rolling, eddy catching, and ferrying rapids.

Intermediate Kayaking Trips

Class II to III+

Intermediate whitewater kayakers have a multitude of class II to III+ river sections with remarkable eddyline, current, rapids, and boof features for safe development. Your riverside base is the heart of Chile’s most abundant whitewater. By the end of the week it’s possible to run a waterfall or advance to running class III+ to IV rapids.

Advanced Kayaking Trips

Class III+ to IV

Experienced river ready whitewater kayakers with combat rolls progress and explore. River features include boofing, high speed eddy hopping and piercing, in-rapid challenges, and big water or low volume access. Trips offer a variety of rivers, cultural experiences, and personalized instruction. Did we mention there are clean waterfall options too?

Expert Kayaking Trips

Class IV to V

Expert whitewater kayakers requested our infrastructure, network, and professionals to gain access and experience Chile’s most exciting rivers and canyons. For solid kayakers with creeking experience seeking to charge stouts, spouts, and boofs. Trips feature Chile’s best river canyons, fast paced rapids, and waterfalls. We’ll deal with access, safety, and logistics. You enjoy the best runs of your life. 

Pucon Classics Advanced

Multiple WEEKS Available
Advanced Chile Whitewater Kayaking Trip guarantees blue rivers, waterfalls, slides, and boofing all on world class creeking and big rivers.

Pucon Creek Week (IV to V)

NOV 11 – 18
POPULAR… combo with Claro Plus

Kayak Chile’s best whitewater in basalt canyons, volcano drainages, slides, big water rapids, and stick your waterfall lines. A week of epic kayaking and celebrating Chile’s best whitewater region during optimal flows.

Activities Available For Custom Trips

Pick out some of your desired activities, give us a shout, and we’ll work with you to customize the best trip for your group or club.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Hike a Volcano

Rock Climbing



Canopy Tours

Hot Springs


Horseback Riding

Wine Tasting


Mountain Biking

Hike in Ice Caves

Explore Town of Pucon


Tandem Paragliding