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Where adventure meets culture. This is Pucon. 

“I can’t paraglide.” Look at her now. 









Let us take care of the kids while parents explore too.

Soak in the hot springs after a few days adventuring. 

Have you tasted Chile’s national drink, pisco sour?  

Hike a volcano and then celebrate at an authentic Chilean cerveceria.

“Mas thermas porfa.” Groups can join too.

Working out the kinks never felt so good. 

Vineyard tour and wine sampling.




Rio Trancura to table… fresh trout or salmon served weekly.

VIP Pucón Chile Multisport Trips


VIP Pucon Chile Multisport Trips

Pucon Chile landscapes were compactually formed over millions of years by glacial, volcanic and tectonic events. At every bend views of Chile’s Ring of Fire volcanos protrude above the surrounding Andean peaks. Known as the “Adventure Capital of Chile” this is the heart of the Lakes and Rivers District. The retreat multisport trips are for travelers seeking all-inclusive custom services to the best adventures and activities in this high energy destination.

Not Your Normal Multisport Trip 

The retreat was built to host travelers seeking adventures during the day and provide comforts and festivities nightly. A balance of experienced industry leaders with local guides are enthusiastic to meet you and share their culture, local adventures and cuisine.

Chile hot springs and volcanos are gorgeous.

The retreat has explored, networked, hosted, and even trained the Pucon eco-tourism and rescue leaders. For us it’s like a fulfilling pursuit to discover another gem of an activity to share with new traveling friends.

Hike and brew with our “Fire Lakes and Ice Brew” (Volcano formed lakes hike and craft beer tasting), summit the Vía Ferrata to a view of volcanos and valley, soak in the hot springs, sample a new culinary dish, paraglide behind a boat over Lago Villarrica, loosen those muscles with morning yoga, or enjoy a massage after an intense couple of days adventuring. Let us orchestrate Pucon’s best multi-sport activities while you relax and enjoy the service.

Pucon is a land of volanos, hotsprings and waterfalls.

The retreat property is architect-designed to exclusively bring global personalities together around glowing fires, music, and riverside hangout areas. Most notable is the center-piece open-air quincho with wood burning oven attracting laughter and stories. Recycled containers, open-air showers in trees, geodesic domes, and a sustainability plan preserves the indigenous native flora y fauna. 


If Pucón is Chile’s adventure epicenter, consider your Trancura riverside retreat as the lifeblood center of Pucón adventures. Adventures are in every direction, beginning with a minute’s walk to whitewater and fly fishing. .

The river suites provide en suite bathrooms with a river view from your bed. French doors open to a private deck over-looking the Trancura rapids. Nightly fires are mandatory attracting story swapping reliving the day’s fears and blunders, and of course climaxes and successes. It is this spirit of bonding that keeps traveler’s loyal to the retreat atmosphere.

VIP Pucon Chile Multisport: 

VIP Pucon Chile Multisport: 

VIP Pucon Chile Multisport: 

VIP Pucon Chile Multisport:  (Ilia, CFA)

ZERKLE FRIENDS Multisport & Kayak:  (David & Staff)

VIP Pucon Chile Multisport: Karla Held (Central TX Kayaking)

VIP Pucon Chile Multisport: 

*Cost varies by lodging choice. Click here to view options.

Tentative* Multi-sport Adventure Trip 


*Itineraries are tentative and subject to change based on weather, guest requests, and assessments. Yoga and fishing are morning options pending departure times. Hot tub will be rolling pending afternoon activities.  Following day activities and logistics are presented at dinner. 

Day 1 (SAT).

Arrival to Temuco Airport (ZCO) between 11 AM – 5 PM and transfer from airport to retreat. 
Multi-Options (TBD). Pending arrivals and times Rio Liucura Inflatable Kayak or SUP board. Or afternoon hike to get active after your flights. 
Appetizers, cocktails, and welcome to retreat orientation. 

Day 2 (SUN).

Fire Lakes & Ice Brew – Lagos Andinos & Cerveceria (brewery)
Out and back hike (4 to 5 hours)

We drive east into the high Andes where Volcan Lanin meaning “ice capped” straddles the Argentina – Chile border. The stratosphere volcano and glacial compaction formed a string of lagunas along the side of the volcano. Guests hike through the native Araucania or “Monkey Puzzle” tree forest crossing streams, passing lagunas and stopping for photos of the giant ever present Volcan Lanin.
(Rio) Puesco Cerveceria. If you are a beer lover then you are going to love tasting what we boast are Chile’s best brews. Right on Rio Puesco enjoy a variety of ales as we celebrate a breath taking day of views.

Day 3 (MON).

Rafting Rio Trancura (10 KM), Zip Lines & Hot Tub 

Morning activity we will raft our backyard Rio Trancura. That’s right… you actually put in the river at your base retreat property. Ten kilometers of views of volcanos, guide jokes and area history, and of course some exciting whitewater action too. The takeout is in an indigenous Mapuche village with views of two volcanos.

After a lunch break back at the retreat get ready for more fun and adventure zip lining. Multiple zip lines through a native forest cap the day of adventures. We cap off the day with appetizers and cocktails at our riverside hot tub before dinner. Welcome to Chile.

Day 4 (TUE)

Raft Rio Rio San Pedro Rafting (Class II to IV))

Full Day event. 
We drive 180 degrees south of Volcan Villarrica to the Volcan Rinimapu and Rio San Pedro drainage. Lago Rinimapu is one of the seven grand lakes of the Lakes District and overflows like a tub into the Rio San Pedro. Clear turquoise water builds in gradient to giant hay stack waves and rapids for a full day of rafting exhileration. 

Celebrate your day’s adventures back at our quincho with appetizers, cocktails and dinner by the warm fire. 

Day 5 (WED).

Via Ferrata Climb on side of Volcano Villarrica (Valle Cerduo) Plus Pucon Culinary Adventure

The via ferrata is a 300 meter rock face bolted with a safety cable. Exposed to the elements like a climber you are harnessed and trained how to clip and unclip to safely climb the wall. The activity is medium to intense physically. And intense for those timid of heights. Reaching the top is a true summit feeling of “fiero.” Or fired up summit. The summit offers vistas of the valley and multiple surrounding volcanos.

Pucon Culinary Adventure. We celebrate with appetizers and cocktails followed by a culinary adventure at a favorite Pucon restaurant. A tour of Pucon caps the day off.

Day 6 (THU).

Cerduo Park Hike (3 hours out and back hike) & Vineyard Tasting Tour

The Cerduo Park AKA Canyon del Turbio is an actual basalt lava flow with views both down the valley and of Volcan Villarrica. We pitch a picnic style cooler and hang out area and guests can sunbathe on the black basalt flow, hike the canyons, or take off up the creek bed hiking up the volcano. If it’s a warm day jumping in the pools is a must.

Vineyard Tasting Tour. We travel a short distance to a vineyard overlooking Lago Villarrica for a lesson in Chilean grapes and wines. And of course we must sample Chile’s proudest fruits.

Day 7 (FRI). Horseback rides, optional hike, afternoon massage therapy

Horseback Ride Along the Rio Liucura. A 2 hour ride along the Rio Liucura with vistas of Volano’s Lanin, Villarrica and Quetrupillan.
Optional Alternative Hike – Mirador Laguna Leon. For those not into riding we offer a one hour roundtrip hike to an overlook at Mirador Laguna Leon.

Afternoon Massage Therapy and/or Pucon tour & souvenir shopping. Guests get scheduled for massage sessions. With options to goto Pucon for last minute souvenir shopping. 

Farewell Celebration Asado. Retreat hosts a grand asado (wood fired BBQ) celebration feast. Hot tub, fire and drinks will be rolling.

Day 8 (SAT).

Pack and Airport Transfer. 

Airport Transfers depart between 11 AM to 5 PM. Or we can schedule a transfer service. 

Morning Activity. Pending group travel logistics and times trip leaders will present activity options. 











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Retreat Kayak Trips Include

Kayak Choice

Choose from Chile’s best whitewater kayak fleet.


Choose from unique lodging options that best suit your comfort & budget.

Wining & Dining

Breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner. Some VIP trips come with special additional provisions.


Airport transfers during scheduled time and daily river and town transportation included.

Clubs, Schools &
Custom Groups

Got a group of friends or club, school group with academic needs, varying skills, your dates don’t match with our trips, or want to explore a customized itinerary? We’ve developed custom itineraries for universities for credits, clubs, high schools, friends of varying skills, paragliders, bikers and trekkers.

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