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Chile Travel Requirements

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As of NOV 2022 Chile no longer has covid travel restrictions.  In the case of covid travel restrictions resurface PKR will continue publishing Covid-19 international travel developments with Chile specific travel updates.

PKR Covid-19 Policies Objectives.

  • Update, adapt, and implement travel and Chile COVID-19 standards and policies;
  • Communicate to guests Covid-19 travel updates;
  • Implement policies that prevent COVID-19 from entering the retreat safety bubble;
  • Implement policies that sustain a safe retreat experience and prevent guests potential contact with persons outside of the control of the retreat Covid-19 safety measures;
  • Implement policies that ensure guests travel guarantees.

Guest Requirements

  1. Participant agrees to purchase flight and travel insurance to cover all contingencies and nonrefundable deposits and expenses. The Covid era of travel has created more airline and international travel insurance convenient options;
  2. Covid-19 medical insurance. Not required as of this update June 28, 2023.
  3. Trip Cancellation Insurance. Due to the uncertainties of Covid-19 guests are required to purchase trip cancellation insurance. Other travel insurance recommended inclusions: baggage damage and loss, flight incident, emergency accident. PKR insurance policies cover adventure accidents within Chile, but do not cover medical expenses outside of Chile;
  4. Deposits Are Non-Refundable. If flights or retreats are cancelled due to coronavirus, deposits are nonrefundable but will be transferred to personal credit to use for a future retreat. PKR disclaims all liability from travel disruptions due to coronovirus, and refers to participant flight and travel insurance for associated costs.
  5. Airline and Chile Entrance Requirements. Print and have ready these documents at your airline check-in desk:
    *These airline requirements may adapt or change by the time of your boarding as covid passports and travel evolve. 
  6. In the event that the Participant tests positive for COVID-19 the morning of the retreat start date they will not be permitted to board the PKR transport to the retreat. Their deposit will be fully transferable to a future retreat date.
  7. Participant agrees to review the CDC’s guidelines on symptoms, testing, prevention, and travel as related to COVID-19.
  8. Symptoms Waiver. Participant agrees to sign a waiver stating that they are not currently exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 such as:
      • Fever
      • Respiratory symptoms such as sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath
      • Flu-like symptoms such as muscle aches, chills, or severe fatigue
      • Changes in sense of taste or smell
    1. PPE Guidelines in the case of covid exposure. Participant agrees to adhere to the following guidelines while traveling to Chile:
        • Wear a mask or face shield while traveling;
        • Perform hand hygiene frequently, particularly after contact with respiratory secretions. Hand hygiene includes either cleaning hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand rub. Alcohol-based hand rubs are preferred if hands are not visibly soiled; wash hands with soap and water when they are visibly soiled. It is especially important to clean hands after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose;
        • To the extent possible, avoid touching public door handles, handrails, and other frequently touched surfaces in public places. Also avoid shaking people’s hands;
        • Cover your nose and mouth with a flexed elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and disposing immediately of the tissue and performing hand hygiene;
        • Refrain from touching mouth and nose;
        • Avoid agglomerations and frequency of closed crowded spaces;
        • Maintain safe distance of at least 1 meter from any individual with 2019-nCoV respiratory symptoms (e.g., coughing, sneezing).
        • Participant agrees to receive a temperature check from a touchless thermometer on their retreat start date. Or upon introduction to retreat facilities such as vehicles, property or personelle.

          Retreat Requirements in Case of Covid 

          1. Protect Retreat Safety Bubble.
          • General public is restricted from retreat river and property access;
          • Restructure and reduce total number of trips and total guests accepted by 50%;
          • Reduce number of PKR staff by 50%.
          1. Retreat Measures to Prevent Covid from Entering Safe Bubble.
          • Require guests and staff to show proof of negative PCR test results or proof of vaccination;
          • Recommend guests complete second round vaccination shots;
          • Require temperature and symptoms checks after any outside retreat safety bubble exposure;
          1. Adhere Covid Safety Policies within PKR Safe Bubble.
          • Require temperature and symptoms checks upon arrivals and after any travel days;
          • Utilize outdoor facilities for dining and class events;
          • Keep kayakers in their own craft and a paddle distance away from friends;
          • Reduce high fives to air fives;
          • Wear proper PPE and provide sanitizers during transport and group activities;
          • Guests choosing to purchase snacks or supplies within Chilean markets are required by Chilean law to check temperature and hand sanitize at entrance;
          1. Retreat Communal Areas & Physical Distancing.
          • The retreat includes several outdoor setting communal areas idea for meals, classes, fires and socializing with distance: open air quincho, open air picnic tables, open air riverside kitchen and fire pit, open air changing room decks, and several hangout areas outside of lodgings;
          • Persons are required to maintain safe social distancing of 1.5 meters;
          • Retreat lodgings are spread out and reduce co-habitation.

          Registration Deposit During COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

          1. $US600 per Trip Deposit, Requiring Covid & Trip Cancellation Insurance reduces financial risks with security of guests registrations and cancellations returns. See Forbes easy to use list of Coronavirus Travel Insurance Plans. 
          2. Cancellations Due to Covid Travel Restrictions. Deposits are nonrefundable. PKR shall extend equivalent value of payment in form of future Trip Voucher transferrable and redeemable on any future trip based on availablity.  


          45 +PLUS Days$US750 deposit per trip.100% transferrable credits.
          44 - 30 Days$US750 deposit per trip.50% transferrable credits.
          30 - 11 Days100% trip balance due.50% transferrable credits.
          10 - 0 Days100% trip balance due.25% transferrable credits.

          Trip Costs & Helpful Data

          How Cheap Are Chile Airfares Due To COVID (LINK)? We recommend trip insurance.

          Chile Opens Borders to International Tourists on NOV 23, 2020.

          Travel & Meals. Your trip includes airport or bus station transfer within scheduled dates and times. Airfares are not included in trip costs. Meal inclusions and exclusions are published for each trip. Some trips guests will cover travel or dinner meals and alcohol at select culturally or location vibrant cafes.

          Accommodations. Lodging varies based on the trip. Most trips offer economical and premium lodging options.  Lodging options are shared spaces such as cabins, suites, dorms, or camping. Private lodging is available.

          Trip extensions. Many guests add an additional week trip to kayak and explore more. Ask for options.

          Non-scheduled transfers. Due to limited vehicle and human resources non-scheduled airport transfers are $US140. There are more economical public transfer options. Ask for support.

          Chile Visas & Travel Tips  

          Chile tourist visas are free, good for 90 days, and stamped at customs in Santiago (no visa requirements before travel).

          Travel Insurance

          We recommend guests have traveler’s insurance especially during COVID. While most guests are thinking of health insurance we see more traveler’s utilize damage, broken, or lost equipment insurance. Here is a link to a recommendable trip insurance agency, This policy offers accident, baggage and trip cancellation protection and offers a full refund if you cancel at any time for medical or health reasons.

          Itinerary Flexibility

          Whitewater and adventure based activities are dependent upon levels and weather conditions. Variable conditions are cause for schedule flexibility.  Guests should understand that amenities, transport type, and itinerary are subject change without prior notice due to any combination of circumstances. Possible causes for changes include but are not limited to flight cancellations and delays, illness, political situations, weather, border challenges, mechanical breakdown, guest skills, and unforeseen events. 

          Speak to a real person. Call +1-828-788-5135 or [email protected]

          KEEP KAYAKING. 


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