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Meet Tino Specht

Marketing Director Berkshire East Mountain Resort, Owner Nomade Media, 2009 Winner Kayak Session Film of the Year

Tino is an accomplished adventure-filmographer gone marketing director that got his Chilean start circa 2007 as a high school kayaker. Receiving a video productions scholarship to New River Academy would cement Tino’s nomadic lifestyle and love for Chile as Tino continued to work for the travel school and later be offered professional work with Pucon Kayak Retreat.

Going the extra mile and doors open…

Tino’s vast experience coaching, Spanish language skills, executing logistics, and media production talent began opening doors for industry jobs and travel. Tino gained notariety with a short film environmental production of the Maipo River. Soon he was being offered contracts with industry leaders Red Bull, National Geographic, Chilean TV series, and adventure resort owners.

Tino continues to plan and lead signature Chile trips with the retreat and stays in close consult with the administration team. Working as the Marketing Director for Western Massachusetts’s Berkshire East Mountain Resort Tino is currently developing week long world class Pucon Mountain Bike and Kayak trips coming February, 2021.


Tino’s Instructional Style. 

Having lived in Chile for more than a decade Tino is fluent in Spanish and brings a cultural richness to his trips. A professional adventurist with soft and technical skills to lead all aspects of adventure travel. Tino’s trips offer the full package including media, Chile’s best kept secret activities, wining and culinary, and of course thrills to cherish. 

Accomplishments and Certifications.

Having won many Chile whitewater races Tino is recognized as one of Chile’s best kayakers. Possibly, more impressive is that Tino’s Nomade Media was government contracted for all national adventure filmography. Add that to his long list of media contracts such as Red Bull, National Geographic, national TV series, and commercial media.

Tino Signature Trips

Tino will be leading signature multi-adventure mountain biking and kayaking trips. Calendar coming soon.