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Position Title. Breakfast/Lunch Shift Cook


Category. Kitchen Operations

Compensation Package. Pending qualifications

Breakfast/Lunch Shift Cook Description

Plans menu and shop list, assists bi-weekly food shops, cooks and plates breakfast 6 days per week, preps/serves lunches, cleans kitchen. Typical breakfast meals include service stations of juices, coffee/teas; cold breakfast and fruits items; hot breakfast items including protein nutritional sources. Some hot breakfasts meals include French toast, fruit and sausages/bacon; jueveos rancheros, avacado and fruit; breakfast burritos, fruit and avacados; Monte Cristos and fruit; smoothies, granola and oatmeal.

General Kitchen Operations Description

A cook at Pucon Kayak Retreat is responsible for preparing various menu items and specials timely and professionally while maintaining high-quality standards. Cook must ensure that guests’ dietary requirements and special requests are met while adhering to safe food handling procedures and health code standards. Maintaining kitchen cleanliness, working as a team player, taking direction, and having a comprehensive understanding of commercial kitchen operations are also important responsibilities. The job requires the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with others. All shifts may be required to fill in for another shift to cooperatively assist individuals to have days off, and assist scheduling. 


  • Creating various menu items and specials quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality standards.
  • Ensuring that guests’ dietary requirements and special requests are met while preparing ingredients and cooking.
  • Arranging and presenting food items on the serving line and ensuring that there are enough back-ups in stock.
  • Keeping the kitchen clean and organized by adhering to proper food storage practices, maintaining clean work areas, and sanitizing equipment regularly.
  • Ensuring that all food served meets high-quality standards by performing regular taste tests and following recipes correctly.
  • Collaborating with other team members to assist and support them as required, including helping with dishwashing or other tasks.
  • Shopping for fresh local ingredients.
  • Drivers license preferable. 
  • Preparing traditional Chilean meals, gourmet recipes and to go lunches as needed.


  • Kitchen staff follow safe food handling procedures and comply with health code standards to ensure hygiene requirements.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen is a crucial aspect of the job performed each shift.
  • Teamwork is valued and applicants must work collaboratively with others, while also taking direction and working independently.
  • Applicants must have a comprehensive understanding of the Retreat´s operations flow to perform duties efficiently.
  • The job requires the ability to stand for extended periods, and applicants must be comfortable doing so.
  • Legal Chile resident or work visa, job specific experience with recommendations, partner agency referrals.
  • NON-legal residents may qualify as an employee assist and still earn compensation packages.