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COVID-19 Chile Travel Requirements

Updated FEB 13, 2021.

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“Chile Coronavirus Checklist for International Tourists.”  Blog includes links to economical coronavirus insurance plans, PCR testing centers, and 2021 coronavirus travel and safety policies. 

Three International COVID Travel Requirements

When you arrive to your airport checkin the agent will ask for three documents. Once checked in your travel will go as normal until you reach Chile customs Prior to Chile customs travelers go through a COVID check point again checking your three required COVID travel documents. 

1. Negative PCR Coronavirus Test Result within 72 hours departure. This is a short window, and yes we are seeing travelers make this happen within the timeframe. 

2.  A completed “Affidavit of Travelers” electronic form (available at also known as a Sanitary Passport) prepared less than 48 hours before boarding. Go online to the provided link and complete the info. This serves as a geographical activity log in the case you come into contact with COVID.

Note: Think of this like a daily travel log reporting daily contacts and travel. If you come into contact with someone that has coronavirus you will be notified and vice versa. The form is simple and easy to complete.

3. Proof of a health insurance policy that provides coverage for Covid-19 and related health issues during the traveler’s stay in Chile. 

  • Minimum of $30,000 COVID policy must state COVID or Coronavirus coverage is covered under normal travel policy medical coverages;
  • Our research showed there are affordable policies covering $100,000 to $500,000. Policies impressively offer COVID travel cancellation, medical coverage, and cancel for any reason clauses under their normal travel policies. A $3,000 one week trip offered plans ranging from $US32 to $US75, depending on coverage amounts. We liked Forbes’ easy to navigate Coronavirus Travel Insurance Plans; 

For more information on Chile COVID updates research your nation’s Chile embassy. Link to US Embassy Chile

PKRetreat Experiences on Covid Travel

Once the traveler secure the three required documents they can relax. Let’s walk through the travel process. Arriving at your airline gate you will present the three required travel documents to be checked by the airline agent. Once checked in at the gate traveler’s will not have a covid checkpoint again until Chile customs.

Negative PCR Test within 72 hours of departure. This is the crux of your travel, and is getting easier to acquire your email proof of negative results. Get this and you are good to travel to Chile;

Affidavit of Travelers. Once you have your negative PCR test complete the simple online form This is the government’s tracking measure in the case anyone comes into contact with Covid.

Proof of health insurance covering Covid-19 minimum $US30,000. All travel health insurance policies cover Covid-19 as part of their normal medical coverage. Make certain the document states “Covid-19” or “Coronavirus” coverage. PKRetreat additionally requires guests to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Note: Our research showed there are affordable policies covering $100,000 to $500,000. Policies impressively offer COVID travel cancellation, medical coverage, and cancel for any reason clauses. A $3,000 one week trip offered plans ranging from $US72 to $US75, depending on coverage amounts. We liked Forbes’ easy to navigate Coronavirus Travel Insurance Plans.

Domestic Chile Travel

Chile Airport Travel. Strict mask and sanitization measures are executed throughout airports.

Chile Vehicle Transportation. Always have your documents or phone, mask, and sanitization.

Chile Public Locations. Many city locations will fine pedestrians if not wearing masks. All businesses require masks, and provide sanitization and user number controls.

PKRetreat. We are blessed in that our dining locations, hang out areas, and activities are in outdoor environments. PKRetreat adheres to Covid safe practices protocols. Guests are required to provide personal masks at all times. Such as having a mask available in your life vest on the river.


$US1 Registration Deposit During COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

  1. $US1 Deposit & Requiring Coronavirus Travel Insurance reduces financial risks with security of guests registrations and cancellations returns. See Forbes easy to use list of Coronavirus Travel Insurance Plans. 
  2. Why $US1 deposit? We wanted to offer a free low risk deposit, but our resesrvation system requires an actual dollar value. 


45 +PLUS Days$US1 Deposit100% transferrable credits during COVID travel restrictions.
44 - 30 Days50% trip balance due.100% transferrable credits during COVID travel restrictions.
29 - 0 Days100% trip balance due.100% transferrable credits during COVID travel restrictions.

Trip Costs & Helpful Data

How Cheap Are Chile Airfares Due To COVID (LINK)? We recommend trip insurance.

Chile Opens Borders to International Tourists on NOV 23, 2020.

Travel & Meals. Your trip includes airport or bus station transfer within scheduled dates and times. Airfares are not included in trip costs. Meal inclusions and exclusions are published for each trip. Some trips guests will cover travel or dinner meals and alcohol at select culturally or location vibrant cafes.

Accommodations. Lodging varies based on the trip. Most trips offer economical and premium lodging options.  Lodging options are shared spaces such as cabins, suites, dorms, or camping. Private lodging is available.

Trip extensions. Many guests add an additional week trip to kayak and explore more. Ask for options.

Non-scheduled transfers. Due to limited vehicle and human resources non-scheduled airport transfers are $US140. There are more economical public transfer options. Ask for support.

Chile Visas & Travel Tips  

Chile tourist visas are free, good for 90 days, and stamped at customs in Santiago (no visa requirements before travel).

Travel Insurance

We recommend guests have traveler’s insurance especially during COVID. While most guests are thinking of health insurance we see more traveler’s utilize damage, broken, or lost equipment insurance. Here is a link to a recommendable trip insurance agency, This policy offers accident, baggage and trip cancellation protection and offers a full refund if you cancel at any time for medical or health reasons.

Itinerary Flexibility

Whitewater and adventure based activities are dependent upon levels and weather conditions. Variable conditions are cause for schedule flexibility.  Guests should understand that amenities, transport type, and itinerary are subject change without prior notice due to any combination of circumstances. Possible causes for changes include but are not limited to flight cancellations and delays, illness, political situations, weather, border challenges, mechanical breakdown, guest skills, and unforeseen events. 

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