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COVID Protection & Policies


$US1 Registration Deposit During COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

What does it mean to register for $US1 with ZERO PAYMENTS?

  1. We understand the uncertainty during COVID travel restrictions. So, we created the minimum possible deposit ($US1)  to eliminate financial risks. Guests need time to process trip logistics, research economical airfares, packing lists, and have basic Q & A conversations. Guests now have this preliminary level of service with nearly no costs ($US1) illustrating trip protetcion and guarantees.
  2. Why $US1 deposit? We wanted to offer a free deposit, but our resesrvation system requires an actual dollar value.
  3. Are there payments for 2020-2021 retreat trips? If or when COVID Chile travel restrictions are lifted we will propose a low-risk payment plan to the ($US1) registered guest. The payment plan must be approved by the guest, and thus creates a risk-free dream kayak trip window shopping opportunity. If you register with $US1 deposit and travel sounds too risky for you, then we fully understand. Maybe next year.
  4. When will PKR announce if trips are operating? Trips are scheduled to commence November 2020. As of July 8, 2020, the Chile-US embassy site lists Chile at a Level 4 – No Travel advisory. If travel advisory drops to a Level 2 – Travel with Caution guests will be notified of operating trips. And payment options will be discussed.
  5. What COVID protection measures will the trip implement? Staff are required to take a COVID test. Anyone testing COVID positive will not be allowed to work on retreat property. The retreat is implementing plan that guests and staff wear protective masks during transportation and indoor activities. Sanitation supplies will be availalbe at all facilities. Guests are not required to wear masks on the river or in safe outdoor settings. 


Notifications, registrations & processing. Pucon Kayak Retreat utilizes the Retreat.Guru reservation platform for professional notifications, registrations, and payment processing. Guests have options to pay in full online, mail a check, or utilize the payment schedule. Automated payment reminders and requests will arrive to your email.

• $US1 deposit due gains registrants travel & trip prep package.

•During Chile COVID travel restrictions levels 3 & 4 there are $0 payment requirements. If/when COVID travel restrictions drop registered guests will receive updates. Payments shall be on an individually approved basis.

• A 3.9% credit card processing fee is charged to online balances. You may avoid credit card fee by mailing a check or paying in cash.


75 +PLUS Days$US1 DepositTransferrable credits during COVID travel restrictions
29 – 15 DaysPropose low risk payment plan to be approved by guest if/when government allows travel.Transferrable credits during COVID travel restrictions
14 – 0 DaysPropose low risk payment plan to be approved by guest if/when government allows travel.Transferrable credits during COVID travel restrictions

More Trip Details

Trip Costs

Cheaper Chile Airfares. Reports as of July 6, 2020 indicate cheapest airfares in retreat history.

What about Airlines. Our US staff whom stayed in Chile during COVID 100% received airfare refunds or rebookings for changed flights.

Travel & Meals. Your trip includes airport or bus station transfer within scheduled dates and times. Airfares are not included in trip costs. Meal inclusions and exclusions are published for each trip. Some trips guests will cover travel or dinner meals and alcohol at select culturally or location vibrant cafes.

Accommodations. Lodging varies based on the trip. Most trips offer economical and premium lodging options.  Lodging options are shared spaces such as cabins, suites, dorms, or camping. Private lodging is available.

Trip extensions. Many guests add an additional week trip to kayak and explore more. Ask for options.

Non-scheduled transfers. Due to limited vehicle and human resources non-scheduled airport transfers are $US140. There are more economical public transfer options. Ask for support.

Chile Visas & Travel Tips  

Chile tourist visas are free, good for 90 days, and stamped at customs in Santiago (no visa requirements before travel). Airfares purchased direct from airline have more power in the case of cancelling your ticket than online agencies.

Travel Insurance

If something happens to you on the road and you don’t have travel insurance, you are vulnerable to incurring unplanned costs. Some examples of potential difficulties you can prepare for traveling abroad. We recommend guests have traveler’s insurance. While most guests are thinking of health insurance we see more traveler’s utilize damage, broken, or lost equipment insurance. Here is a link to a recommendable trip insurance agency, This policy offers accident, baggage and trip cancellation protection and offers a full refund if you cancel at any time for medical or health reasons.

Itinerary Flexibility

Whitewater and adventure based activities are dependent upon levels and weather conditions. Variable conditions are cause for schedule flexibility.  Guests should understand that amenities, transport type, and itinerary are subject change without prior notice due to any combination of circumstances. Possible causes for changes include but are not limited to flight cancellations and delays, illness, political situations, weather, border challenges, mechanical breakdown, guest skills, and unforeseen events.


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Pucon Classics Advanced (III to IV)

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Pucon Classics Intermediate (II to III+)

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