Post DEC 1, 2021 Chile will reduce border entry requirements yet again. The news we’ve been waiting on is that international travelers can now travel within Chile to final destinations with connecting flights and no quarantine (assuming you have two vaccinations). Read more, Cheap Chile Flights & Mobility Pass Directions.

Remote Work & Kayaker Stay Goals

Let’s face it. It’s been a brutal 21 months of no international travel and kayaking in Chile. Our retreat goals are to give kayakers the resources to work and kayak daily in our little piece of kayaker paradise. The idea is that there is a small group of kayakers remote working. And daily after work we go charge the local runs under the Chilean sun. Bigger road trips can spontaneously form amongst groups. 

Retreat Services Available

  • Fiber optics internet;
  • Vehicle, kayak and equipment rentals;
  • Kayak and adventure trips;
  • NEW. Remote Work and Kayaker Stay (economical lodging solutions)

Lodging Options

Guests may rent lodging spaces with a one week minimum per the following adjusted lease costs.

Price includes access to: riverside kitchen, riverside fire pit, Internet work areas, communal quincho, commercial kitchen, treehouse showers, hangout deck, secure gear room, movie/yoga dome, reception kitchen and sala, outdoor dining areas, and rivers.

  • River Suites – $330/wk or $1,200/month
  • Hosteria Cabinas – $300/wk or $1,000/month
  • Geo Dome – $240/wk or $900/month
  • Rio Cabina – $240/wk or $900/month


What about kayaking daily?

TKayakers will have access to vehicles with the expectation to respect trucks and pay for gas. Daily, after guests remote work we organize for afternoon laps on the local rivers and canyons. Or if a favorite run such as the Nevados comes in… well, we hope you have your work done cause it’s time to go run the Nevados. Road trips will spontaneously organize and guests may group organize to rent vehicles upon request. Bigger trips such as the Claro, Fuy, Blanco, and San Pedro trips are expected as this is what we all desire to paddle when in Chile.

What about kayak trips? 

Remote workers have the option to form their own trips or hop in one of our existing Chile kayak trips.

Got kayaks? 

Guests may buy, bring their own, or rent a kayak ($25/day with extended rental discounts) from the retreat. Link to Chile kayak fleet

When is the best time to whitewater kayak Chile rivers? (click for blog)

Can I speak with someone in person? 

Want to speak to a real person? We are here to help. Call or email [email protected] or +1-828-788-5135.