Key points related to taking the Temuco (ZCO) Airport transfer to Pucon. Keep in mind that the Temuco airport is quite small with two baggage carousels, and two cafes on the second floor, and a cafe on the first floor. The transfer service delivers to the Gran Pucon Hotel sometimes called Enjoy Hotel Pucon.

1. As you exit the baggage claim area look for the obvious car rental and transfer service counter to the right.

2. Don’t dilly dally as seats might fill. A minimum of 4 seats is required at 15,000 pesos (about $US20) for shuttle to go. You can pay for multiple seats.

3. Temuco Airport to Pucon transfer will take about 1.5 to 2 hours. If traffic is heavy it can take longer.

Pucon Arrivals and Options to Get to Retreat

The retreat is on the right immediately prior to the Rio Trancura bridge in the comunity of Metrenehue. You may show your taxi or uber the following Spanish:

Pucon Kayak Retreat

KM 10 Camino Caburgua, Comunidad Metrenehue

Antes puente Trancura en el lado del lado derecha compartiriendo la entrada con “Cabanas Metrenehue” buscar por el quincho y domo junto (en el lado izquierda).

A.  Arrange a pickup beforehand with PKR rep. If you’ve arranged prior pickup your driver may be inside at a cafe working online.

B. Uber or Taxi.

1. Google Map… Show your driver the Pucon Kayak Retreat on Google Maps.

2. KM 10 Camino Caburgua next to “Cabanas Metrenehue.

Got questions. Whatsapp +1-828-788-5135 o cell call 9-3388-6197