Boyd Ruppelt – Extreme Kayaker

An adrenalin junkie Boyd has tried it all – sky diving, running extreme waterfalls, raising exotic frogs, international expeditions, and film production. Boyd’s education and classroom background gives kayaker students an excellent presentation of both advanced and...

Jessi Watson – Kitchen & Beverage

Jessi was recommended via our affiliate Colorado Mountain College Culinary Arts department. Jessi took the kitchen bull by the horns and raised the bar on our appetizers and meals menu. Keeping guests and staff well fed translates to a happy retreat experience.

Kesha Thompson

Kesha’s father Don introduced her to whitewater on the banks of the Nantahala at the early age of five. From there she was hooked and would later become a kayak instructor for NOC and go onto win the coveted Green Race Champion title. An avid creeker Kesha loves paddling.

Meet Javier Alonso Contreras Jimenez

Any trip featuring Javi’s presence is gainful with safety, Chilean culture and history, personal experience within hydropower opposition, translation, and remarkable whitewater instruction.

Meet Randy Sparrow

Randy is the bull-riding, cancer-surviving, kayaker. He signed up for a dreamy Chile kayak trip, but sadly, had to cancel due to a skin cancer diagnosis. Over a year later we reached out to let him know his Chile kayak trip deposit was transferrable as trip credits.