Kayak Chiles Salto Blanco del Sur


Kayak Chile Blue Waterfalls

Kayak Chiles Salto Blanco. Cleanest bluest 33 foot waterfall in Chile?

Salto Blanco del Sur is amongst the cleanest and safest waterfalls of its size approaching 12 meters. Seal launch into the eddy just 3 meters above the lip. Water softly flows to a nice rolling lip making it difficult to over pitch the drop. Depending on levels there is usually a rather large foam pile for softer landings. Yet, we have seen hits such as paddles to face and over boofing. This is a classic park and huck and most folks will do it multiple times. Great for intermediate to expert waterfallers seeking to notch their first big drop, toss a paddle, and just practice big waterfalling safely. The climb back up is pro level for solo. And safe for those roping boats out.

Whitewater Kayak Skills Required

  • Solid combat roll
  • River running experience
  • Eiver communication
  • Creek eddy catching
  • Low volume ferrying
  • Ability to keep your bow down

Access Put in/Takeout

Tara Blair kayaks down Chiles Salto Blanco del Sur.

Tara Blair kayaks down Chiles Salto Blanco del Sur.

North of Temuco take the Lautaro exit to Camino La Tepa – Huenivales Sur. Coordinates not listed due to access issues. Recommend acquiring permission or going with a professional outfitter.

Put In: Putin at Camino La Tepa – Huenivales Sur bridge. Paddle approximately 500 meters to eddy above waterfall. Have solid boater out front especially with high water. 

Take Out: At waterfall. 

Highlights. Lap this blue gem until you get the line you like. Got a hand roll… try a paddle toss. Boof to stomp and freestyle for pros.

Dangers. The drop is relatively safe. Look out for paddle to face, over boofing, opening up, leaning back…

Instructor Tips & Challenges. Go with someone that knows has access permissions. Lock in your safety tuck position and keep your bow down. Like or hate your line… get another lap. Take your Go Pro.


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