Students Kayak Week of Chile Rivers – 50% DISCOUNT

A week of kayaking Chile rivers for beginner (no experience), intermediate and advanced student kayakers. The dream holiday student kayak trip where your only classes are how to keep your head down when rolling, scouting rapids, protective tucking for waterfalls, and of course stomping datboof! Any current student qualifies for a 50% discount.

About Student Week of Chile Rivers


Kesha’s stockings are stuffed with smiles and stouts. Nice line.

STUDENTS KAYAK Week of Chile rivers is treated like a normal kayak trip. Students receive an all-inclusive trip including meals, kayak, lodging, transportation, and daily ACA instruction right on Chile’s best rivers. Beginners with no instruction can get safe kayaking instruction too. Kayakers know that Pucon is a whitewater mecca… now, advanced student kayakers can charge daily and we have kayaking options for beginner and intermediates too.

How do STUDENTS get the 50% DISCOUNT? 

Any current student qualifies. For transparency purposes we want to show you the best kayaking trip possible so that you spread your word of mouth testimony.

STEP 1. Complete Student Discount Form.

STEP 2. If/when you receive 50% discount code, register for the Student Week of Chile Rivers trip.

About Chile Kayaking

This is the fun part. With 14 hour in a day this time of year, students have sufficient time to kayak multiple sections daily. We’re also scheduling holiday activities such as Christmas stouts. Pucon boasts a variety of lakes and beginner to intermediate sections right in our back yard. And every kayaker knows about Pucon’s advanced and waterfalls scene. Students will have a full week of kayak development on safe sections to match their skills.

Chile Kayaking For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Kayakers

Beginner Kayak Instruction. Daily, an instructional group just for beginner kayakers will go to local lakes and beginner river sections to safely develop rolls and foundational kayak skills. Yes, you will get to paddle more advanced rivers as your skills progress.

Intermediate Kayak Instruction. Intermediates will continue kayaking development on safe class II+ to III rivers with objectives to gain confidence with combat rolls, eddy catching, scouting, rier running and experiencing Chile rivers. Option to run clean waterfall in hard shell kayak.

Advanced Kayak Instruction. This may be the most exciting group as they daily will progress kayak skills on Pucon’s famous rivers, boofs, and waterfalls. Advanced kayak progressions incldue safety and rescue, scouting “relative” class V, eddy piercing, safety setting and decision making, and waterfall running.

More About Kayaking Chile Rivers and Waterfalls

This is the fun part. Chile rivers are famous for clear blue colors, quality features, and clean waterfalls. We mix river running and waterfalls to practice a diverse range of skills. Bring your camera and elbow pads… this is gonna be fun.

River Running Skills. Scouting and setting safety; piercing and controlling eddies; boofing; aggressive ferrying; catching challenging eddies; extreme race techniques; downriver play.

Waterfall Skills. Assessing lines; protection positions; art of kayak flight; pitch degree control; boofing; stomping; freestyle.

Cheesy Christmas Party

Bring your cheesiest holiday outfit. We encourage elves, bad Santas, reindeer, snowman/woman… Students will have a $US20/20,000 peso budget for Elephant Christmas party.

Christmas Day Waterfall Tradition. Now’s your chance to get media of Santa or an elf running a waterfall. This is a holiday to remember.


Who should apply?  Beginner, Itermediate and Advanced students keen to kayak Chile rivers.

Am I good enough? The great thing about Chile rivers is the diverse range of beginner, intermediate and advance kayak features idea for development. Students with a growth mindset to accept failures as opportunities for learning will progress in this safe learning environment. So, your roll is not bombproof. We’ll help you get there. Are you a beginner? We will dedicate an instructor to you too.

Can your families do a trip?  Yes, many students want to experience holidays with family. We can offer a custom trip to your families too. Email [email protected].

Gift your student a Trip. Ask your family for this trip to be your holiday gift? Could be your best present ever. Read more “Gift a Trip.” 

What about lodging? When students register they select lodging from river suite, hosteria cabins, dorms or camping based on your comfort and budget. The Student 50% DISCOUNT CODE is applied during registration process.

What about meals? Students will participate in a meal team to help with clean up and prep. Dinners will be cooked by in-house staff. Meal team activities such as food shops are designed as cultural and participatory experiences.

How much spending money should I bring? With the exception of a single dinner out everything is provided. Costs of Chile restaurants and souveniers are approximately 30% less than US tourism costs. There are markets with provisions and snacks walking distance from retreat. Souvernirs such as apparrel and crafts are a must for our Pucon day.



  • Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner daily
  • Kayak Rental
  • Airport Transfer *per scheduled times
  • Riverside Community & Lodging
  • Kayak Instruction
  • Daily River Transports

Not Included.

  • One dinner out at group chosen favorite cafe, or travel meal
  • Airport transfers outside of scheduled times
  • Alcohol
  • Personal camping and kayak gear
  • Optional multi-adventure options such as massage therapy or hot springs
  • Snacks and souvenirs


Lodging Options

*Pending 50% DISCOUNT CODE

River Suite (pp dbl occ)

Hosteria Cabañas (pp dbl occ)

Treehouse Dorm (pp shr occ)

Camp (pp)

Trip Details

Skill Level: BEG, INT, ADV

Deposit:  $750 deposit. Read Payment Guarantees

Arrival City: DEC 23, Temuco (ZCO)

Departure City: DEC 30, Temuco (ZCO)

Trip Length: 8 Days

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