Chile recently announced the nation will open borders to travelers starting October 1 with some restrictions. The awaited news comes with some travel restrictions affecting nomadic kayakers. Pucon Kayak Retreat is offering solutions to allow long-term lodging rentals providing remote work stations and coveted river destinations kayaking. Pucon is functioning on a phase 4 covid level. Meaning after a 5-day quarantine you are free to kayak, explore, shop, eat out, hot springs, and boof to your heart’s delight.

*This contingency solutions plan is in effect through December 31, 2021. PKRetreat optimistically expects Chile reduce restrictions monthly toward no quarantine and private transport by Jan 1, 2022. Watch for monthly updates. 

Helpful Chile Covid Reports Graphs

Chile Travel – Requirements for Entering Chile

Chile Covid Cases Graph – Did you know Chile has one of the lowest rates of covid in the world? 

Cheap Chile Flights & Mobility Pass Directions  – a helfpul guide to navigate the new travel era. 

Solutions to Temporary Covid Travel Restrictions 

Private Santiago to Pucon Transportation. This requires travelers to hire private (non-airline/bus) Santiago to Pucon transfer. To reduce covid spread Chile is not allowing travelers upon arrival to mix with existing public transport systems.


  • Commencing in November PKR will offer private Santiago to Pucon transport services up to two times per month based on interest. Travelers are expected to split total gas, tolls, and driver costs;
  • Rent a one way car. We observed guests rent one way cars last year;
  • Ask us about hiring a Pucon private driver to pick you up.


What about the 5-Day Quarantine?

The retreat has several private lodging spaces, remote wifi work stations, open air communal and dining spaces idea for isolation quarantine. Once the quarantine is complete guests will be free to travel, kayak and explore meeting current Chile travel protocols.  Quarantine guests will confine at the retreat with remote internet access and access to all facilities on the riverside property: quincho, movie/yoga/class dome, reception offices, lodgings, hangout decks, riverside kitchen and fire pit.

Lodging Options

Guests may rent lodging spaces with a one week minimum per the following adjusted lease costs.

Price includes access to: riverside kitchen, riverside fire pit, multiple internet stations, quincho, commercial kitchen, treehouse showers, hangout deck, secure gear room, movie/yoga dome, reception kitchen and sala, outdoor dining areas, and rivers. 

  • River Suites – $330/wk = $47/d or $1,200/month
  • Hosteria Cabinas – $300/wk = $42.85 or $1,000/month
  • Geo Dome – $240/wk = $34 = or $900/month
  • Rio Cabina – $240/wk = or $900/month

What about the Internet quality?

Pucon Kayak Retreat invested in high speed internet to offer reliable remote work services to guests.

What about kayaking daily and trips?

Once the 5-day quarantine is complete you are free to travel and explore. The retreat is providing a work and play daily plan. Kayakers will have access to vehicles with the expectation to respect trucks and pay for gas. Daily, after guests remote work we organize for afternoon laps on the local rivers and canyons. Or if a favorite run such as the Nevados comes in… well, we hope you have your remote work done cause it’s time to go run the Nevados. Road trips will spontaneously organize and guests may group organize to rent vehicles upon request. Bigger trips such as the Claro, Fuy, Blanco, and San Pedro trips are expected as this is what we all desire to paddle when in Chile.

  • November is high water class III+ to V fun time. Nevados, high water Trancura laps, Coilaco, Blanco and beyond. Possible Claro trip forming;
  • December tends to be a little lower and sunnier with guarantees on the local goods. Usually, a period of good rains for waterfall hucking. Puesco, Trancuras, Palguins, Miachin, San Pedro, Blanco, Fuy… 

What about guiding services? 

Pucon is in phase 4 which allows commercial services such as guiding. If trips form guiding may be an option. Guides will certainly be around keen to kayak and share their skills experiences. While, you may not be paying for guide services guests are encouraged to tip.  

Got kayaks? 

Guests may buy, bring their own, or rent a kayak from the retreat. Email for a list of available kayaks, paddles, and other gear needs. 

When will your Chile kayak trips resume? 

As Chile’s covid cases and travel restrictions continue to drop we expect to be operating trips January 1, 2022. 

Want to speak to a real person? We are here to help. Call or email or +1-828-788-5135.