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Kayak Chiles Upper Rio Fuy



Upper Rio Fuy Kayaking Waterfalls

Upper Rio Fuy Kayaking Waterfalls

Kayaking Chile’s Upper Rio Fuy is amongst Chiles best kayaking. Surrounding glaciers along volcanos drain into Lago Neltume at the border to Argentina.  Lago Neltume overflows clear blue water into the short lived approximately 20 KM Rio Fuy. The Upper Fuy is a basalt volcanic flow canyon with 4 KM of class III to IV+ waterfalls. With experienced pro guides this section can be safely kayaked with options to run or portage multiple waterfalls. Hotel Baobab appears like a clan of architect ewoks designed the hotel with full walk ways to Las Leonas overlooks.

After an Upper Fuy lap ask your guide to hike you into the lower section of the Middle Fuy below the class V rapids. Lots of fast paced fun boofs canyon style.

Kayakers love the Rio Fuy so much we created the Rio Fuy Plus Pucon Rivers, JAN trip.

Whitewater Kayak Skills Required

  • Solid combat roll
  • Ability to turn on/off Go Pro above/below drops
  • River running experience
  • River communication
  • Creek eddy catching

Access Put in/Takeout

Friends often enjoy hiking from Hotel Baobab to the Saltos Leonas overlooks. Putin/takeout can be found on map by searching Puerto Neltume.

Put In: Drive past Hotel Baobab to Puerto Neltume. Put-in is at the private bridge crossing the river just below where lake transitions into river. 

Take Out: Takeout is just after Neltume town at a bus stop pull out where the road arrives next to the river. 

Highlights. The entire experiences are highlights. Las Leonas are lapable with options to paddle behind the veil.

Dangers. High water has terminal eddy dangers below Las Leonas. Recommend NOT paddling at high water.

Instructor Tips & Challenges. Due to continuous nature kayakers need solid safety boaters and kayakers that know the lines and dangers. Recommend lapping the section and/or Las Leonas if levels are optimal. Combo with a Lower-Middle Fuy if you know the hike in below class V rapids.

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