Jessie Watson – Ice Creamery Dreaming & Chile Kayaking

Jessi was recommended via our affiliate Colorado Mountain College Culinary Arts department. Jessi took the kitchen bull by the horns and raised the bar on our appetizers and meals menu. Keeping guests and staff well fed translates to a happy retreat experience. The cool part is that after just one Chile season Jessi is already running the Upper Palguin waterfalls and numerous other whitewater runs. The guides kind of rally around finding space for Jessi to hop in on kayak trips on his days off. It’s no wonder considering the fact Jessi takes care of everyone’s nutritional value.

During the summers Jessi is exploring opening his own artesan ice creamery in Steamboat Springs. So, when in Steamboat make certain to ask us where to get the best ice cream. Mmm…

Above: Jessi Watson adds an artistic touch to the wood fired oven used for pizza night, asados, and special events. 

It took Jessi less than a season to master his roll and become an avid kayakers. Just imagine how good he can become next season. 


Chile Kayak Trips

Pucon Classics Advanced (III to IV)

Multiple WEEKS Available
MOST POPULAR. Want to up your kayaking game with the safety of world class coaches on rapids that will challenge and excite you? Trip guarantees blue rivers, waterfalls, slides, and boofing all on world class creeking and big rivers.

Beginner Whitewater Kayak Chile Trips

Multiple Dates Available
For beginner and wannabe whitewater kayakers. Equipment, rivers, fun adventures, and challenges included. Bring a friend or meet new ones while you learn to kayak Chile rivers.

Fuy Plus Pucon Rivers

JAN 18 – 25
Advance Kayak Chile’s best January whitewater destinations with the Fuy blue waterfalls and Pucon rivers and basalt canyons. Rio Fuy offers multiple sections from mellow to advanced within the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve. With Pucon’s diverse river options this is as good as kayaking gets.

Pucon Multi-Sport Adventures

FEB 5 – 12
Pucon’s best multi-sport adventures travelers choose from raft, horse, hot springs, wine tasting, volcanos and glaciers while living riverside.

CALENDAR Chile Whitewater Kayak & Multi Sport Adventure TRIPS

Want to view every trip on one page. Check out our 2021-2022 NOV to APR Trips Calendar.

Students Kayak Chile Waterfalls + Rescue Certification

DEC 18 – JAN 2
Students kayak Chile waterfalls, rivers plus earn swift water rescue certification. We’ll throw in a vertical canyon extraction scenario just to give students the best rescue training in kayaking. Check out our Holiday Trip Gifting options… you’ve earned it.

Huilo Huilo Plus Pucon Multi-Sport

JAN 18 – 25
Choose from Pucon and Huilo Huilo Biological Reserves best adventures and comfort activities. Riverside lodging, and reliving your failures and summits with friends and warm fire. Is this real life.

Fuy 50 Foot Waterfall Canyon PLUS Pucon

FEB 20 – 27, 2021
Expert kayakers run Chile’s cleanest 50 foot waterfall and Chile’s extreme whitewater kayaking canyons. Rio Fuy canyon plus Pucon rivers.

Kathy Zerkle and Friends Chile Birthday Party

Happy birthday Kathy. Over the years nurse/ranger/psychotherapist Kathy Zerkle has mended more broken river bodies and minds than all of us put together. It is with great pleasure that Pucon Kayak Retreat offers Kathy & friends a birthday week of retreat Chilean river style amongst her besties.

Pucon Classics Intermediate (II to III+)

Multiple Dates Available
Fifteen river sections for intermediate kayakers ready to up their game learning rapid navigation, self-scouting, piercing eddies, boofing, edge control, and explore Chile’s beautiful rivers. Bring a friend or bond with new ones during your daily challenges.

Week of Rivers Chile Kayaking Trip

Multiple Dates. FOR Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Kayakers
For clubs & groups with a range of skills: beginner – intermediate – advanced kayakers. Beginners and intermediates can safely learn while advanced kayakers can challenge their skills with separate rivers and instructors. Celebrate nightly around the fire.

Pucon Creek Week (IV to V)

Multiple Dates Available
Chile’s best whitewater kayaking within Pucón’s basalt canyons. High speed rapids, big water, huck and plug waterfalls… Boof right. Boof left. Everywhere a boof.

Best Chile Adventure Study Abroad Semester

JAN 3 – APR 15
Students earn 16 to 19 credits in BUS management, OUT recreation, sustainability, marketing and internships. Tour Patagonia threatened rivers, meet Chilean students, learn business management, and explore Chile.

Hughes Family Goes to Patagonia

Hughes Family Goes to Patagonia! It is with pride retreat owner David Hughes announces the Hughes Family Goes to Patagonia trip. This page serves as a guide and checklist for the Hughes Family Patagonia Vacation Plan. Trip will focus on mellow activities, back yard...

CUSTOM TRIP-JAHRivers Class IV Tour of Chile

Jay Hicks invites friends to his dream Chile kayak trip of waterfalls, basalt canyons, and Chile blue water rivers fest spectacular. Join Jay as Chile provides the goods and PKR provides everything else.

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Our Scheduled Chile Kayak Trips

CALENDAR Chile Whitewater Kayak & Multi Sport Adventure TRIPS

CALENDAR Chile Whitewater Kayak & Multi Sport Adventure TRIPS

Want to view every trip on one page. Check out our 2021-2022 NOV to APR Trips Calendar.

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